This Week’s Full Moon Is All About Transformation

Brook Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

What was once a lush green wonderland is now a rusty golden landscape. The transient seasons have ushered in fall and with every leaf lost from a branch it's clear that — deep breath — "winter is coming." That transience couldn't be more apparent than with the Oct. 24 full moon in Taurus. Along with a stream of literal keep-you-up-at-night illumination are the October 2018 full moon spiritual meanings that will shine a light on what needs to be cleaned up. So perch yourself on the nearest, most comfortable leaf pile. It's time to meditate on change.

After September's full Harvest Moon, October brings us the Hunter's Moon. Once the crops had been plucked from the soil and the fields began to frost over, it was time to start gearing up for the next season. You know, that cold one where we all bury ourselves under layers of turtlenecks and sweaters and scarves. Winter. The agrarian society, according to Farmer's Almanac, saw this as a time to hunt and gather in preparation for the season ahead.

But because we now have the luxury of food delivery services, we aren't going to get in our flannel hats and head to the woods. We'll probably be hibernating with a spicy, crunchy tuna roll. Instead, there are other significant meanings we can draw from October's full moon.

Much like spring cleaning, fall has its own tidying up. And a lot of it has to do with the soul within. According to Forever Conscious, "October’s Full Moon will guide you to go within, to retreat, and to think about your calm. How often are you able to find this place in your day to day life? How often are you able to stay centered and in balance? How often are you able to surrender and allow things to take their natural course?" This particular full moon is a perfect time to light a Chai scented candle and think about these questions. To quiet down at the dawn of winter.

As things die around us, and delightfully crunch beneath our feet, there's change in the air. That all plays into the spiritual significance of October's full moon. According to Moon Circles, this moon might have you feeling "the urge to journey into yourself to your own skeletal core." It's there, at the bareness of it all, that "you may discover your essential vulnerability that gives the lie to your usual reckless bravado." Change is not only swirling in the wind but within. What can we prepare within ourselves for the upcoming months?

This full moon will illuminate what can be raked into giant bags and hauled off and what can be enhanced. Just like storing up fire wood that'll keep us warm. Forever Conscious writes, "The Taurus energy surrounding this Full Moon wants us to find our stability, it wants us to find our calm, it wants us to rise up silent and strong, so we can withstand whatever chaos comes our way, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or next year." After summer months full of harvesting tomatoes for salads and feelings for summer flings, now is the time to start to settle.

And since Taurus is all about that aesthetically pleasing life, it won't hurt to snuggle back into a fresh pair of wool socks with your palms wrapped around a ceramic mug of chai tea. The Oct. 24 full moon in Taurus wants us to tap into our spiritual side. To clear out the frenzy that's built up over the active past months where energy spiked over beach days and pumpkin spice. Now is the time to introduce a calmness into our day to day. To welcome quiet. So instead of howling at this Hunters Moon, it might serve you better to journal under it. With all this change, it's best to stay calm.