Old Navy’s Famous $1 Flip Flop Sale Is FINALLY Here, But With A Special Twist

Old Navy

Summer can be expensive what with all the weekend getaways, patio cocktails, and tempting midi dresses. But one brand is determined to help your wallet, even if it's just for one day. Old Navy's $1 Flip Flop Sale is back, letting you stock up on an array of colors without breaking the bank.

The $1 Dolla Balla Flip Flop Sale will happen on Saturday, June 15, both in-stores and online. The $1 Flip Flop Sale started back in 2005, and quickly became one of Old Navy's most iconic events. The brand also has a winter-version of this fan-favorite sale, offering the $1 Dolla Holla Cozy Sock Sale.

This year, the $1 Flip Flop Sale is going to have a few extra bonus perks and prizes. First, let's talk about the rules. Customers can scoop up to 10 $1 pairs of flip flops when shopping in stores, and five pairs in solid colors when shopping online.

If you're at Old Navy to shop on the 15th, you will also have the chance to get a free pair of flip flops with your purchase. Old Navy is offering a free $1 flip flop with a $24+ purchase before 12:00 PM local time in-stores, and 12:00 PM PST online. So stock up on your summer dresses and short shorts, because you can get a free pair of shoes from those purchases.

Old Navy

If you think that snagging a pair of shoes for a dollar is a great bargain, Old Navy is prepared to sweeten that deal even more this year. The brand is adding a 24k element to its iconic sale, encouraging shoppers to find a golden flip flop for the chance to win $24,000. That's right, Old Navy just went Willy Wonka on us.

Shoppers can both participate in the sweepstakes both online and in-stores, with golden flip flops hidden throughout every single Old Navy store and throughout the product pages of the website.

Old Navy

Finding the flip flop doesn't mean you get the cash prize right away. The golden flip flop qualifies you to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win the $24,000 grand prize. Finding the golden flip flop also automatically gives you either a 24% coupon code online or a $24 off coupon in-stores, giving you an instant win.

Old Navy

Stores will hide five, seven, or 10 flip flops, depending on the size of the store. It also seems like there are more perks involved if you go to an actual store and find the golden flip flop, as opposed to finding it online. Not only do you get a $24 coupon to use on a future purchase, but you also get a 24% off online code after you enter the sweepstakes.

Old Navy has shared some tips on how to find the golden flip flop. In stores, you should search at eye level. You won't have to get on your hands and knees to find it. You should also look around the entire store, since the golden flip flop can pop up anywhere. One thing you shouldn't do is search in the actual flip flop section. The golden flip flop is a trophy, and not an actual shoe. It also won't be hidden in stacks of folded products or bins, so skip that.

As for tips on how to find the golden flip flops online, Old Navy confirms that it definitely won't be on the flip flop page. But the brand does give one clue. You're supposed to think of "summer" and getting some sun on your legs.

This year's Old Navy $1 Flip Flop Sale will definitely be a sale to remember. Make sure you don't miss out!