Old Navy's Famous $1 Flip Flop Sale Is FINALLY Here

Courtesy of Old Navy

There are a few iconic sales in the shopping world that people just can't miss. From Sephora's VIB sale to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, these are basically shopping holidays. There's another one though that may just have the lowest prices every, and it's coming back. Old Navy's $1 flip flop sale is heading your way just in time for pool season so get your pedicure appointment book with the extra cash you're going to save on these multi-color sandals.

If you're not an Old Navy fiend, you may not be familiar with their annual sale, but you're probably familiar with their iconic flip flop. The minimal but colorful design is a summer staple for tons of people for their affordable price tag and multitude of hues. Plus, there's sizing for everyone from your best friend's cousin to your significant other to your dad (Father's Day gift, anyone?)

Typically, the flip flops retail for around $4 which is honestly a steal no matter what's going on. However, one time per year, Old Navy grants fans the gift flip flops and reduces the price to only a single dollar. Yes, a legit pair of shoes that's less than than the cost of a McDonald's Happy Meal.

But when is the sale coming? It's right around the corner, corner fans.

Courtesy of Old Navy

According to the brand, the sale is scheduled for June 23 which means you've got a bit of time to decide what colors you want, if the flip flops will be all for you, or if you'll be making someone a bomb summer time care package.

There's a new update to the sale as well. It's not just Old Navy's $1 flip flop sale any longer. No, an ocassion this monumental deserves it own name. Now. you'll be shopping the One Dolla Holla Sale. If you want more than just the simple brightly hued flip flop, don't worry. You can snag those during this sale, too. The only difference is that instead of snagging them for $1, you'll be paying $2 for the prints. Still a total deal, though, right?

Courtesy of Old Navy

The flip flop sale isn't the brand's only huge deal, though. They've started hosting the sale during the winter. Now, before you start wondering why in the world you could possibly need flip flop in the winter, don't. Because they're not selling flip flops. Instead, the sale takes on a new product that's just as cute: socks. Who doesn't want fuzzy, adorable socks during the winter? Old Navy clearly knows what their fans want and for the colder weather months, they host a sale featuring their super cozy socks for just $1.

Where can you take advantage of the $1 deal on flip flops, though? They'll be available in Old Navy stores nationwide. Simply check the hours of your local store for June 23, and you can be the proud owner of more flip flops than God.

There is, however, a catch to this deal. While the brand clearly wants to make all of your flip flop wearing dreams come true, you can't buy the whole store. There's a limit. Once you decide to shop, you'll need to narrow your choices down to ten pair only. Hey, for some people, that may actrually be a struggle. You know, a different flip flop for ten days straight may be a mood. Who knows?

Courtesy of Old Navy

If you're looking for a new poolside shoe or even if you just are heading into a dorm and have a group shower, Old Navy's flip flops are good for everything. Mark your calendars and get ready because all your flip flop dreams are coming true.