The Entire Country Is In Danger On 'Scandal'

by Nicole Pomarico
Richard Cartwright/ABC

If you thought the White House's situation with Peus was bad last week on Scandal, now, it's getting even worse. After Olivia was able to get Mellie back and put the mystery woman (whose name is actually Grace) in isolation, it seemed like the good guys were going to win — but there's no way it was ever going to be that easy. On Thursday night, Olivia and Fitz try to get Rowan to help stop Peus, and he makes a few seriously shocking revelations about their dangerous plans.

The situation in the Shondaland version of the US is getting worse by the second. Remember that fake drone from last week that allowed Fitz to put the White House on lockdown while they figured out their next move? Peus has set up real ones in nine major cities around the country, promising to detonate each of them one by one until Grace is freed and Mellie is back in his control. The most obvious person to help Olivia and Fitz figure out how they can stop him: Rowan Pope.

At first, Olivia and Fitz fight about whether or not he'd even have any information, and of course, Rowan resists sharing what he knows. But when he does decide to speak up? Peus and his "associate" get way scarier.

After Olivia and Huck figure out Rowan received a box from Peus every week containing a brick that weighs nine to 11 pounds, he spills the truth to Fitz. That brick weighed the same as Olivia's severed head would, which is what they'd send them if they weren't satisfied that he was following their orders. As part of his cooperation with Fitz, he asked to go talk to Grace, and thanks to a plan between Fitz and Jake that was in the works the entire time, he was able to help kill Peus and Grace, bringing this whole plot to an end... finally.

I'd almost call this a happy ending, but since it's Scandal, there's a pretty good chance those don't actually exist on this show. But maybe, now, we'll finally get to see Mellie Grant in action as the HBIC (of the entire country) she was always meant to be? Fingers crossed.