B613 Has A New Command On 'Scandal'

by Nicole Pomarico
Richard Cartwright/ABC

When it comes to season finales, Scandal never misses the mark, and Season 6's final episode was no different. After a season filled with murders, mysterious, shady people, and a whole lot of controversy surrounding who the next president might be, the finale was bound to be crazy, and that's exactly what Shonda Rhimes gave us. On Thursday night's episode, Olivia took over B613, and the first thing she did in her new position was pretty terrifying.

But Olivia wasn't Eli's first choice for the gig. Before the inauguration, Eli actually approached Fitz and asked him to take over and become the next command. At first, Fitz wasn't into it, but then when he realized he could make the organization work for good instead of evil, he made the decision to take Eli up on his (really, really scary) offer.

And as you can imagine, Olivia did not take this news well. Now that their relationship was actually in a good place (for once), she wanted them to be able to start over, but having Fitz run the organization that, as she put it, ruined her father's life? Not exactly conducive to romance between them... especially since before he broke the news, she was planning to ask him to stay in DC instead of moving to Vermont.

But then, before his big final exit from the White House, he told Olivia he'd changed his mind and that he couldn't stay in DC, saying goodbye to her forever. If your thoughts were "what is even happening here?!" during this scene, don't worry — you're not alone. But Fitz turning down the job doesn't mean B613 doesn't exist... it just means someone else is in charge of it: Olivia.

And her first act? Working with Jake to convince Luna Vargas to kill herself with pills they provided after they discovered she was the one behind Frankie's murder, Peus' plan, and Mellie's assassination attempt. It worked, and the season ended with Olivia realizing that Luna's plot was actually planted in her head by Cyrus... who she's still planning to have Mellie appoint as her new VP.

What did I say? This finale is crazy, but that's Scandal for you. I'm bummed that the next season is the last one, but that also means it's going to be even better than this one. See ya in the fall, Liv.