On Equal Pay Day, Gina Rodriguez Urges Women To Not Be Afraid To Speak Up

As it's #EqualPayDay on Tuesday, celebrities have been taking to Twitter to express their views on women's rights. Actors have been using their platforms to discuss issues that are important to all women right now, in the world's current tumultuous political climate. And Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez's advice on #EqualPayDay is relevant for women everywhere, especially anyone who has ever felt embarrassed to ask for a raise or who didn't consider it an option in the first place. In an interview with Glamour, Rodriguez discussed demanding equal pay and the affect her upbringing in a low-income family had on her career and her ideas about money.

Speaking to Glamour, Rodriguez said of her family life,

The Jane The Virgin star makes such an important point about women forgetting to value their worth at work. Grateful to be employed, many people feel nervous to rock the boat by approaching the subject of a pay raise. But Rodriguez's comments about equal pay, and the worth that goes with valuing the work you do, are so relatable and inspiring.

The actor is quick to point out that she was nervous about approaching the topic of equal pay. Rodriguez told Glamour,

As Rodriguez points out, fear can prevent people from standing up for themselves. But even when scared, it's crucial that women have difficult conversations and continue to fight for equal pay. Rodriguez's interview is a call to action for women everywhere to ensure that they continue to fight for equality. As Rodriguez told Glamour,

However long it takes, the Equal Pay Day conversation is far from over. As Rodriguez makes clear, equality still has a long way to go, and now is not the time to stay silent.