Vanessa Ferguson Dominated Her 'Voice' Battle

Tyler Golden/NBC

Did you really think that Monday night's episode of The Voice was the last time we'd see Vanessa Ferguson? Child, please. Ferguson won her Voice battle with ease. Well, to be fair, it looked easy but there was definitely some deep emotional drilling that happened in order for Ferguson to prevail. Ferguson, who grew up in a cramped Brooklyn apartment with her extended family and was encouraged to pursue music at a very young again, formed an instant kinship with coach Alicia Keys. In part, it was this kinship that helped secure Ferguson the win for Team Keys. The other part? Her absolute powerhouse of a voice, which was steeped in R&B-soul that was on par with the song she was singing.

Both Ferguson and her team mate, Autumn Turner, were tasked with singing the ballad "Killing Me Softly" by Fugees. The song, rich with pain and yearning, provided some great outlets for Ferguson to let her voice soar and run. In rehearsals, Keys recognized that, too. Keys also saw that Ferguson appeared to be holding back, emotionally, and chalked it up to a possible wall being built up around Ferguson.

While Ferguson didn't confirm if that was true, by the second day of rehearsals it appeared that whatever was blocking Ferguson had gone away. Keys noted she seemed "blissed out" and more tuned into the song. This was the moment that Ferguson really took the edge away from Turner and became the formidable opponent that she was in those blind auditions.

During the actual battle, while Turner was busy showing off her amazing vocal range, Ferguson stayed rooted in that deep alto, near tenor-level, vocal range. There, in the deeper register, Ferguson poured her heart out onto the stage. She managed to steal the spotlight from Turner and in the end, she stole Keys' heart, too.