'One Day At A Time' Should Return For Season 2 & Continue To Build Netflix's Sitcom Repertoire

Michael Yarish / Netflix

One of Netflix's biggest revival success stories is Full House spinoff Fuller House, and it seems the streaming service will attempt to work its sitcom-resurrection magic again on One Day At A Time. The classic series ran from 1975 to 1984, and now Netflix is updating it for the 21st century. Unlike Fuller House, One Day At A Time isn't a continuation of its predecessor, but instead a complete reboot. That may make it a bit harder to pull in fans of the original series, but I still wouldn't worry about the potential for One Day At A Time Season 2.

Though Netflix hasn't officially renewed the series for a second season, it's been building a solid track record of traditional sitcoms. While some of the most exciting new comedies premiering today on Netflix are single-camera shows (that is to say, shows filmed like movies), there's still a lot of love for multi-camera comedies like Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Many modern network sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls use the format to great success, so Netflix may actually want even more shows like One Day At A Time to compete with those comedies.

Michael Yarish/Netflix

When One Day At A Time premiered in the 1970s, the multi-cam format was the standard approach for television comedies. Now, One Day At A Time is only one of three multi-cam original sitcoms on Netflix. It's joined by fellow reboot Fuller House and The Ranch. While these shows are unique among Netflix's larger collection of single-camera comedies, One Day At A Time stands out among Fuller House and The Ranch for another reason — it's focused on a non-white family.

One Day At A Time tells the story of a Cuban-American family lead by Justina Machado's Penelope and the two children that she raises along with her mother. So while One Day At A Time does contribute to Netflix's growing roster of sitcoms, it also adds another diverse cast to the streaming service. And while Netflix has other series with POC leads, this is its first traditional sitcom to have such representation.

Michael Yarish/Netflix

Despite being told in a timeless format, One Day At A Time could not have existed in this way in the '70s. A reboot of a classic sitcom with a Cuban-American family premiering on an online streaming platform is a perfect encapsulation of what television is capable of today. Even without bringing original cast members back the way Fuller House did, One Day At A Time should return for a second season so that can Netflix continue building a strong base of diverse original programming — especially sitcoms.