One Of The World's Best Rosés Is Only $8

by Madeleine Aggeler

June 10th is National Rosé Day, and what better reason to stock up on summer’s favorite pink beverage? But if you, like me, are not a wine connoisseur (for a long time I believed rosé was produced by pouring a bunch of red wine into a bunch of white wine, sloshing them together and saying “Look, it’s pink!”) it can be difficult to know what to buy. Fortunately, the wine experts have weighed in, and it’s good news for those of us day-drinking on a budget. Grocery chain Aldi’s $8 in-house rose was named one of the best wines in the world by the International Wine Challenge.

The Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016 earned the silver medal at the International Wine Challenge’s Great Value Awards (also known as the “Oscars of the Wine Trade”) for its “delicate yet intense burst of summer fruits with a subtle quartzy spice”. Aldi recommends pairing the wine with grilled fish, salads, or an aperitif. I recommend pairing it with a conversational escape plan for when you describe it as “quartzy” to one of your guests and they stare at you with a combination of confusion and disgust.

A panel of experts preferred the affordable blend to bottles more than three time the price, including the 2015 vintage of the same bottle, which retails for about $35. Aldi also had six other bottles win silver place awards, including two of their Proseccos.

"It has been a huge year for innovation at Aldi. We've not only expanded our sparkling range, but also introduced a brand new French initiative," said Tony Baines, Aldi's joint managing director of corporate buying. "We have been working closely with renowned winemaker Jean Claude Mas to change perceptions around French wine, which is often perceived as expensive and intimidating, so it is fantastic to see some of these products acknowledged as some of the best in the world."

And while a budget-friendly, award-winning bottle of wine is a good place to start, here are some other products to up your pink-drinking game on National Rosé Day.

Rosé Gummy Bears

Sugarfina, the grown-up candy store, made boozy rose gummy bears, which is basically the adult version of Flinstone gummy vitamins.

A Forty Of Rosé

Okay, full disclosure — this rosy forty may not be available to the wine masses anymore. Forty Ounce Wines announced their trash-tastic rosé back in April, and since there are only 1,200 cases in existence, it will probably be tough to snag one this summer.

That being said, you can totally DIY your own by pouring a bunch of that affordable, award-winning Aldi rosé into a bottle of MD 20/20. And people say I'm not crafty.

Rosé Chocolate

Wine and chocolate is the best pairing since peanut butter and jelly, or Netflix and avoiding responsibility.

Los Angeles-based gourmet chocolate company, Compartés, has a Roses and Rosé chocolate bar that can step up any summer picnic, and soothe even the most pronounced existential angst. Because sure, the world may be descending into chaos. But like, rosé chocolate.