Rosé Chocolate Is A Thing That Exists

Summer is the season of frizzy hair and bug bites and grass allergies, yes. But more importantly, summer is the season of rosé, that delightful pink wine with undertones of a li'l citrus, a li'l floral, and a li'l red fruit. Ideal, honestly. Didn't think it could be improved upon. But I have news for you: Rosé wine chocolate exists, and, uh, yeah. That may be an improvement.

Rosé gets its special pink color from the skins of grapes. The less time they spend touching the wine, the less red the wine becomes. Rosé is just, like, a little kiss of grape skins: Delicate. Nuanced. Very, very pink. I think of it as a princess drink, but obviously anyone is free to drink it as long as they are legal age, regardless as to whether they feel like a princess.

And now, Los Angeles-based gourmet chocolate company Compartés has brought us the "Roses & Rosé" bar, a truly delightful-sounding blend of white chocolate and rosé which has been lovingly topped topped with edible crystalized rose petals. (Yes, crystalized rose petals.) This treat currently retails for $9.95 a bar — and even better, it's available for purchase even if you don't live in California, thanks to the wonders of the internet. You can order it online from Compartés' website; thus far, at least, it has yet to be sold out, although knowing what I currently know about how the world has clamored after rosé-flavored things this summer, I would advise acting fast.

For whatever reason — perhaps it's because my evening porch rosé dates are the only times I forget we're currently in the midst of a trash-fire year in the world — rosé has been having a moment this particular summer. Frosé, which is essentially a rosé slushie began making the rounds on Instagram recently after Bar Primi in NYC added it to their menu; meanwhile, rosé gummies, from candy boutique Sugarfina, developed a 1,000-person waiting list literally overnight. And now, my treat-fiends, we have Roses & Rosé. It's the little things, you know?

If rosé is not your thing (which I fully don't understand, but OK, you do you), Compartés is honestly killing the game when it comes to delightfully unusual chocolate combos. White chocolate and cereal? Check. Animal cookies and dark chocolate? Oh yeah, check. Donuts and coffee milk chocolate? WHY DON'T I HAVE ALL THE MONEY TO SPEND ON THIS THOUGH.

Sorry, I think I'm just a bit cranky from my rosé-induced sugar hangover. So what do you guys think will be the next rosé trend? Mac and cheese? Breakfast cereal? Please send me your ideas and then send me your prototypes. Thank you so much and good night.

Images: Compartes (2)