This Rainbow Glitter Wine Gives Back To The LGBTQ Community & We're Here For It

There are a lot of amazing ways to celebrate National Coming Out Day — an important day in the queer community. But this may be the most fun one. The folks at ONEHOPE Wine have come up with a fun, sparkly way to help you have a blast and give back to a special cause at the same time. Their award-winning wine, Sparkling Brut Rainbow Glitter Edition ($59), and their Pride gift set will both benefit The Trevor Project, one of the leading charities for LGBTQ youth in America.

"Our inspiration behind creating the Pride Gift Box was to both celebrate and support the LGBTQ community," the ONEHOPE founders tell Bustle. "Each gift set includes a bottle of our ONEHOPE CA Sparkling Brut Rainbow Glitter Edition, Supreme Court Ruling card by Emily McDowell, rainbow disco ball bottle necker, and pushpop confetti. Most importantly, every gift set funds operational costs for The Trevor Project."

If you're not familiar with The Trevor Project, they are definitely worth your time. They provide a free, 24-hour hotline for LGBTQ youth. "The Trevor Project has been an important partner for ONEHOPE and we are proud of their efforts to support the LGBTQ community," they say. "Three in seven LGBTQ youth seriously consider suicide every year and The Trevor Project’s lifeline offers crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to those youth. As a result of our partnership, 1,259 hours of operational costs for The Trevor Project’s lifeline have been provided to date." It's a huge help.

Alright, so are you convinced that wine and helping people are a great combination? Because they definitely are. And here's how their wine helps the LGBTQ community:

Wine. Sparkles. Rainbows. Can you imagine anything better? Well, how about the fact that every four bottles sold funds one hour of essential hotline time for The Trevor Project? It's so crucial to keep supporting groups like this. So make sure that you're popping and giving back at the same time.

And while you celebrate, take a moment to remember just how important National Coming Out Day is. "Events like Coming Out Day and Pride are crucial in making this process easier because they are times when the LGBTQ community becomes visible — not just an idea, but a literally mass of people in the streets, or a collection of voices to be heard," Nate Warden, founder of Coming Out, an open source platform for sharing stories about coming out, tells Bustle. "We set an example for those who have yet to find and love themselves."

Some people's coming out process will be smooth and some people's may be traumatic. It's a different experience for everyone, but what's most important is that people feel supported and safe when they make the decision that it's the right time for them to come out.

And right now, it's even more important. "It's no secret that the current administration is not supportive of the rights of many historically marginalized groups," Warden tells Bustle. "Being part of the LGBTQ community is just one of many ways to experience that uncomfortable, if not terrifying truth."

So whether you're a member of the LGBTQ community or an ally, take a moment to recognize this day. Try to create a safe space and keep an open mind. And if you want to celebrate, do it in a way that gives back to the community — and gives you some rainbows to boot.