You Can Hire A "Breakup Concierge" To Help You Move Out & Find Self-Care Resources


They say that breaking up is hard to do, but "they" apparently haven't seen this. Though there may not be a foolproof way to cure a broken heart, there is now an actual breakup concierge to make the whole process a lot easier. Onward is a breakup concierge — now, you may be asking yourself, what is a breakup concierge? Is it just someone who delivers you ice cream until you're ready to move on? Well, kind of. There may not be ice cream, but they are dedicated to helping you through a breakup and getting your life started again — and maybe you can request some ice cream on the side.

After cofounders Lindsay Meck and Mika Leonard both went through bad breakups in a short span, they realized how much their lives were totally overturned — and that other people going through major breakups must be in the same position. When you're living together, breaking up means totally reconfiguring your life and it can be a totally overwhelming experience, just from a logistical point of view. So they came up with a service to help.

"We all know someone who has been through this — maybe their own personal heartbreak or taking care of a friend through the hard times," their website explains. "It sucks, but it will get better. We’re here to help." What does it all mean? Well, it's all about getting you back on track — and helping you through that weird process of rebooting your whole life, which can be especially tricky if you've been in a relationship for a long time.

"Onward concierges facilitate relocation and life relaunch, coordinating anything and everything from housing search to the move itself, address and utility changes, furnishing purchases and installations," they explain. "We will pair you with the support services you need including therapist matchmaking, financial and legal tools."

To this end, they offer a 10-day reboot, a 30-day recharge, or a three-month recalibration, each of which offers different levels of service. A lot of what they do is about around the moving process itself — helping with property searches, finding new locations, and even dealing with that awful process of closing down and setting up utilities in a new place. They also offer weekly check-ins and services for self-care, storage, pet care, and cleaning, so you don't have to worry about so much life admin. This way, you can just focus on just moving on emotionally, rather than dealing with the literal moving.

Currently, Onward is only available in NYC, though their site says they may be coming to a city near you soon — and with intro deals on memberships starting at $99, it might be a good investment for someone who is really avoidant when it comes to admin or struggles to find their feet after a breakup.

Unfortunately, there still isn't a silver bullet for getting over a breakup, but every little bit can make a difference — and being over to hand over some of the most difficult and mind-numbing tasks makes a lot of sense. Every breakup is different and difficult in its own way, but if when you're living together then there's always going to be a whole lot of admin and paperwork — it's easy to see why you might want someone to take that off of your hands. (I'm sure the ice cream services are only a matter of time.)