You Can Buy Deep-Fried Oreos In Stores Now & They Even Come In Different Flavors

by Kaitlyn Wylde

When I think of the summers of childhood, I think about the fried and sugar-coated sweets you could only get at the state fair. No one made a dessert quite like the deep-fried anything you could get at those fairs — until now, that is. The Oreo State Fair Crunch Cookie is the closest you can get to your childhood by way of your local grocer, and, even better, you can enjoy it year-round.

So, what is the Oreo State Fair Crunch Cookie? Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like it is: A version of the deep-fried Oreo you could previously only get at state fairs, only this time, you can eat it at home. Coming to a freezer aisle near you, the treat is frozen, so you can make it yourself rather easily: Just pop it in the microwave, and then enjoy!

From the looks of the picture on the box, the cookie looks exactly like the deep-fried cookies you'd find at a fair. And, even better, they come in two flavors: a deep-fried chocolate-coated traditional Oreo cookie, and a deep-fried vanilla-coated traditional Oreo cookie. Both are crispy on the outside and all deep-fried and creamy on the inside.

BRB, wiping drool off my keyboard. This dynamic cookie is like the mic drop of all cookies. How was this not made into a product earlier? How have I lived my entire life without this?!

This news comes to us via Instagram foodie JunkFoodMom, a mysterious Michigan-based junk food fanatic who has a knack for finding new food and flavor announcements before anyone else. While cruising Walmarts' online dessert aisle, she came across the new Oreo cookies.

So, naturally, once I saw her post, I rushed to Walmart's website to see if I could get my hands on these cookies yet. Unfortunately, I noticed on the product page that shipping and in-store pick up are still not available, and there are no reviews — which means the cookie has likely not been tasted by the public yet. That said, if JunkFoodMom is talking about them, they're definitely coming soon. And considering they're already on Walmart's website, that means they're definitely real.

According to Walmart's description, these cookies come with instructions. For a conventional oven, they suggest baking the cookies at 450F for five minutes. For a microwave oven, they suggest a high setting for 30 seconds. The high heat implies that these cookies freeze pretty thoroughly. So while you might be able to let them thaw for a bit and enjoy them cold, they're meant to be enjoyed warm. I personally plan on going rogue and eating them cold — but, to be fair, I'm saying that on a hot and sweaty day, and I haven't had the chance chance to enjoy the beauty of one of these puppies fresh out of the oven. I'm sure if they're releasing a hot cookie in the summer, it's worth the heat.

Now let's all put a regular Oreo under our pillow tonight and maybe then, when we all wake up in the morning, the State Fair Oreo will be available to order and enjoy. The cookie fairy is a thing, right?