You Can Get A Free Oreo Candy Bar Today & Snagging One Is Ridiculously Easy

It's not a federal holiday, but it should be. Today, March 6, is National Oreo Day, and I'm a little concerned none of us got the day off work. According to Thrillist, this year, we're celebrating the 106th birthday of milk's favorite cookie. You'd never know, though — Oreo is looking finer than ever. To celebrate, the Oreo Birthday Giveaway is handing out their chocolate candy bars to the first million people who enter on their website. The giveaway started earlier today; so if you want a shot at tasty victory, you better go there and sign up yesterday. In case you didn't know, the chocolate bar is stuffed with Oreos. If you're thinking this would make the perfect lunch, you would be correct.

According to Delish, Kazaam star (oh, and former NBA athlete) Shaquille O'Neal is even getting it on the action, because why not? Today also happens to be his birthday (SO LUCKY), so in his hometown of Atlanta, he's opening up the "Shaq Snack" to hand out goodies. Side note: I really wish my name rhymed with "snack."

Oreo didn't need to give out free treats to win us over, although it doesn't hurt. We've been fans of the sandwich cookie for 106 years.

To honor the most dunkable dessert on the shelves, here's a look back at some of Oreo's most epic flavors.

1. Pumpkin Spice

Everything else comes in the pumpkin spice variety during fall — why not your Oreos? This is the type of thing that could taste awful and we'd eat it anyway, because... pumpkin spice.

2. Red Velvet

WhoCaresThatIt'sJustChocolateDyedRed? Red velvet is the ~fancy~ way to eat cocoa-flavored stuff, and similar to how we enjoy red velvet pancakes, doughnuts, and even s'mores, red velvet Oreo cookies are no different.

3. Candy Corn

Things were going so well, and then this happened. Nobody actually likes candy corn; so why would you take America's favorite cookie and make it taste like... candy corn? Somebody please explain.

4. Fruit Punch

Ice cold fruit punch is refreshing on a hot summer day. Methinks it doesn't belong sandwiched in an Oreo; but maybe I'm wrong. Discuss.

5. Candy Cane

Okay, fine. I can get behind this. And not even because I like the way they tasted. I just happen to love Christmas and would eat candy cane-flavored dirt, if you offered it to me. Fight me.

6. Peeps

STOP. I can't even talk about this. Peeps-flavored Oreos? Don't get me started.

7. Banana Split

I can appreciate this attempt at combining one of America's most traditional and classic desserts with a cookie of equal value... but no.

8. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

This makes me feel good things inside. Chocolate and peanut butter go together like alcohol and texting your ex. I give this a 10 out of 10.

9. Birthday Cake

Typically, I'd say don't mess with cake. But birthday cake-flavored everything is right up there in the rankings with red velvet.

10. Limeade

I don't even have the time to tell you everything that's wrong with this.

11. Caramel Apple

Fine, sure, I can see what they were going for, here. The flavor was a bit awkward, but we all love to celebrate autumn with its most iconic flavors — even if it comes in the form of an Oreo cookie that kind of makes me uncomfortable.

12. Cookie Dough

Hey R&D department, I see you there, trying to jump on popular bandwagons and such. Cookie dough became all the rage, and suddenly, people stopped caring about salmonella.

13. Cotton Candy

I didn't realize anyone like cotton candy enough to justify a cotton candy Oreo cookie flavor, but who am I to judge?

14. Brownie Batter

If you try to tell me you don't enjoy licking raw brownie batter off the wooden spoon once you're done baking, I will choose to believe you're lying. ALL LIES.

15. Gingerbread

Gingerbread cookies are a bit overwhelming on their own, but combined with the chocolate sandwich goodness of Oreo? I give it two thumbs up.

16. Cool Mint

I've never been a fan of food that tastes like toothpaste, but mint Oreos certainly have their own fanbase. I'll stick with Crest.

17. Jelly Donut

I'm not a fan of jelly doughnuts, but jelly doughnut Oreos? I might be down with that.

18. Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish Oreos are not for the faint of heart. You better be ready for a giant flavor explosion inside your mouth. You've been warned.