Oscar Isaac & John Boyega’s Friendship Isn’t BFF Status, But It’s Still Super Cute

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By Mathew Jedeikin

This past weekend Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters and fans around the world flocked to see what their favorite characters are up to in the newest installment of the franchise. And because of their great chemistry, a lot of people might be wondering whether or not stars Oscar Isaac and John Boyega have a real life friendship. Well, as it turns out they seem friendly off-screen, even training together for The Last Jedi, but they don't necessarily seem like best friends.

From the moment they first appeared on-screen together in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Isaac and Boyega (who play Poe and Finn, respectively) quickly won over the hearts of fans. Although they met towards the start of the film, they spent the majority of The Force Awakens separated, only to reunite later with a greeting that the internet went nuts over. Because of their great chemistry in the Star Wars movies, it's only reasonable to think that they two actors might be besties off-screen as well, but when you look through Boyega's social media feeds (Isaac doesn't have any public social media) they don't appear in many photo together that aren't part of promotional activities.

The two actors have had some fun together while working on and promoting the movies, though. First of all, they seem to have trained together for The Last Jedi. Back in February 2016, Boyega shared a picture of himself working out in a gym with a caption that read, "VIII". It was widely assumed that he was indicating that he was training for The Last Jedi, which is episode VIII in the Star Wars franchise. A few days later he followed it up with a video of himself jump-roping with a shout out to Isaac. "@mrcalliet influenced my cardio routine today," he captioned the video. "Doesn't hurt that I have Oscar Isaac in the background cheering me on".

The decision to train together might not have necessarily been made by Isaac or Boyega, but a necessary move for the movie. That being said, they weren't just exercising together, Isaac was vocally cheering on Boyega, which makes it seem that they're pretty friendly. Sure, the video isn't exactly evidence of a good friendship, but hey, it's something!

While they isn't evidence of them hanging out outside of work, whenever they are together, they seem like buddies. In a recent video for BuzzFeed, the two read "thirst tweets" about themselves and had a good time joking around together. Isaac even did a silly impression of Boyega's accent.

And when they're on the red carpet together... well:

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After The Force Awakens first came out fans quickly grew obsessed with Poe and Finn with some suggesting that the chemistry between the characters was more that just friendly, but romantic. It was something that some fans were hoping to see explored in The Last Jedi, however prior to the film's release writer and director Rian Johnson pretty much squashed rumors of a romance between Poe and Finn.

"I think that in these films we have to follow what's gonna make sense for these movies," Johnson said when asked about a romance between Poe and Finn at a press event. So, although their characters again share the screen in The Last Jedi, don't expect to see any romance between Poe and Finn. But when asked about the potential for an LGBTQ relationship in a future Star Wars film Johnson did add, "It'd be a wonderful thing to see a storyline like that."

The Force Awakens was released in the U.S. on December 18, 2015, and broke all kinds of box office records. The movie made over $247 million during it's opening weekend in the U.S. and made over $2 billion worldwide during it's theatrical run, according to Box Office Mojo. The Last Jedi hit theaters on December 15, and had the second largest opening weekend in the U.S. behind only The Force Awakens. And the cast will team up again for the third movie in the trilogy, which will surely be another huge box office hit.

Regardless of whether or not Isaac and Boyega are great friends in real life or not, the two actors definitely have great chemistry in the Star Wars films, and isn't that what really matters?