Ouai's New Dry Shampoo Is A Little Different

Dry shampoo is a total godsend. It means sleeping in a few minutes longer, freshening your hair without having to shower, and soaking up oils on particularly greasy days. But I think we can all agree things can get a bit... chalky. And that's why the dry shampoo from OUAI might be your new favorite thing.

The haircare company's Dry Shampoo Foam works without water — or that typical white spray — to freshen up your hair. All you do is apply a palm-sized amount to your hair and scalp and watch as the foams starts to cleanse dirt and oils away. You can even re-apply throughout the day whenever you're feeling extra greasy.

The foam also works well as a sort of reset button if you happen to apply too much styling product. So if you're in a rush and happen to glob on extra serum, never fear. This foam will dry things right up.

This new formula is great for all hair types, according to the company, and works well as a supplement to all the other haircare products in the OUAI line. You can snag yourself a bottle for $28, and join all the people who are totally excited to get their hands on some better dry shampoo.

Especially those of us who are looking for a Magic Eraser to fix their hair mishaps. (Me.)

Dry shampoo to rescue. Every time.

Seems worth a try to me!