Our Fave '90s Trends Are Back — Here's How To Style Them

Oh, the '90s, we miss you so! For many of us, for better or for worse, the '90s were our first glimpse into the world of fashion: low-rise jeans, tie-dye, platform sneakers, scrunchies, chokers, and everything in between. The are a lot of trends from that time that we're happy to leave behind (pencil thin eyebrows and chunky highlights, we're looking at you!), but there are certainly some trends from those glorious days that are worth revisiting.

From beachy cotton tops and romantic dresses to boldly striped sweaters and chunky sneakers, the '90s are back in so many more ways than you might think. In partnership with Walmart, we're breaking down a few of the best '90s trends that we refuse to leave in the past, and sharing our favorite affordable pieces to help you make the look completely yours. So no matter your current style, there are plenty of '90s-inspired pieces worth incorporating into your wardrobe on

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A Military-Inspired Dress That's Still Feminine And Versatile

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A New Take On The Spaghetti-Strap Dress

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For The Grungy Lool, Try This Camo Skirt

In partnership with Walmart.