These Harry Potter T-Shirts Celebrate Book-Lovers Everywhere — & They Support A Good Cause

by Kerri Jarema

You don't usually have to pull a book-lover's arm to buy some literary merch, but Out of Print is making the prospect even more appealing this National Library Week with their special library collection, including a Harry Potter t-shirt — and part of the proceeds will benefit literary charities. For those unaware, Library Week is a national celebration of the impact that libraries and their workers have on the communities they serve. And even though libraries are more important than ever — allowing underprivileged communities to have equal access to literature, news, and the web — many are struggling under the weight of decreased funding and attendance. But readers can change all that, and buying one of these awesome Out of Print pieces is just a first step.

To celebrate Library Week and as they continue to end the book drought, the company has launched a few collections dedicated entirely to the project. Joining their main library collection is the "This is How We Roll" shirt, tote and pouch that features an adorable library book cart print. 10% of the entire Library Card collection sales will be donated to the Liberation Library, a volunteer-based group in Chicago that provides books to young people in Illinois prisons and juvenile detention center. With the recent crack down on sending books to prisons, this work needs more support than ever.

This Is How We Roll Tote, $18, Out of Print

And, of course, you just can't celebrate Library Week without something Harry Potter. After all, as Ron Weasley states in the books, "...That's what Hermione does. When in doubt, go to the library." Out of Print's best-selling collaboration with the Harry Potter Alliance is being made available in four limited edition Hogwarts House colors, available for pre-order through April 16 only. And 10% of all sales for this collection will be donated to Words Alive — an organization that brings the love of books and reading to underserved families and schools. And 10% of purchases of any Harry Potter Alliance merch on the site this week will go toward helping stock Puerto Rico libraries.

When In Doubt Go To The Library Tee, $26, Out of Print

And lets just say that if you can resist both repping your Hogwarts House, libraries, Hermione Granger and donating to an important book charity all in one stylish baseball tee — well, let's just say I don't think we really see eye to eye. Be sure to check out the entire Out of Print library collection now through April 16 to make a difference both for libraries and your bookish wardrobe.