Over 200 Free Art Books Are Now Available To Download From The Guggenheim

If you've always wanted to learn a bit more about art, but don't have the funds for pricey art books, you're in luck: thanks to the Guggenheim, over 200 free art books are now available to download. Since 2012, the museum has been undergoing the huge project of digitizing its massive collection of monographs, catalogs, and other art books — and now they're all ready for you to download for free. You'll be an art expert in no time.

Some of the most impressive books you can now access include monographs on artists from Jenny Holzer to Picasso, books about art movements like the Italian metamorphosis and Russian Constructivism, thousands of years of Aztec and Chinese art, and Wassily Kandinsky's 1946 On the Spiritual in Art. In fact, the museum has one of the largest collections of Kandinsky's work in the world — and in the digitized archive, you'll find a whopping 12 works by or about the Russian artist.

Bringing free art books into the public domain is increasingly becoming a more popular trend — which is great news for the rest of us. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has more than a thousand books available online, as does the Getty. The Met also released a massive 375,000 high resolution images of the artworks themselves — so that art-lovers can admire the pieces even if they can't make it to the museum in person.

Screenshot via Internet Archive
Screenshot via Internet Archive

Now, the art books available from the Guggenheim have become an invaluable addition to this fantastic free collection.