A 'Famous In Love' Friendship Might Not Survive Hollywood

Tony Rivetti/Freeform

After one episode of Famous In Love, I think it’s safe to say that Paige’s (Bella Thorne) life is about to get turned upside down. Sure, she’s a young, carefree college student in the beginning, but Paige is about to get launched into mega stardom and her friends will not be coming along for the ride. Cassandra (Georgie Flores) may have made Paige audition for her new role as August, but I have a feeling that this Famous In Love friendship will ultimately crash and burn by the end of the first season.

Cassandra made Paige audition for the YA adaptation movie, and Paige was — in typical ingénue fashion — unsure and awkward and everything women usually are in romantic comedies. The rest of the story goes the way of a lot of Hollywood friendships: Paige gets the role over the friend who really wanted to audition in the first place. Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. But what I’m surprised about right now is that Cassandra doesn’t seem to have an ounce of jealousy in her. She seems genuinely happy for her friend, down to the part where she wants to kiss Paige to let Rainier and Jordan’s kisses touch her own lips.

This is nice, but this is so not human nature. Humans like to covet, if only a little, and though Cassandra can certainly be happy for everything that Paige is about to experience, she is also probably a little jealous. From where I sit on my couch, I see Cassandra eventually exploding at Paige. All of those little things will eventually add up to one big thing and boil over.

Tony Rivetti/Freeform

Cassandra also has some secrets of her own — she’s meeting rich older men at their houses, and for what? The obvious answer would be for sex or some sort of escort arrangement, but there is always more to the story with these types of shows. What will Paige do when she finds out about Cassandra’s secret life? Will she be concerned for her friend, or will she be concerned that Cassandra’s dalliances could put her own career at risk?

Paige is climbing to the top on Famous In Love, and I’m not sure that any of her friendships will follow her up the fame mountain.