Paige From 'Summer House' Has No Time For 17-Page Emails

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Summer is the most ephemeral of the seasons — hot, sticky, fleeting, and always ending so, so soon. That’s what makes the immediacy of Bravo’s Summer House so strong. These cast members (some are friends, some are not) only have like, seven weekends to have fun for the summer until it’s back to the grind in Manhattan, cold weather, and no Hamptons pool parties. Paige DeSorbo is among the new faces on Summer House this season, and she’s become fast friends with Amanda Batula, for one, and a target for Carl and Jordan, who both seem to be after her affections. But Paige isn’t into it — instead, Paige is focused on living her best life for the summer. And Paige’s Summer House Instagram shows that she loves to work hard, but she loves to play hard, too.

According to her Bravo bio, this is Paige’s first share-house situation, so she is certainly in for a wild ride for the rest of the season. She’s the youngest housemate and a freelance fashion writer for Betches Media, a website that every millennial woman has stumbled upon at least once.

Paige’s coworkers Hannah and Jordan are also in the Summer House house with Paige, and you would think it would make it easier for Paige to assimilate, but given that Jordan is pursuing her romantically, it's been a rocky first few weekends. She may break a few hearts in the process, but Paige is about Paige, and rightfully so. Here’s what else we can learn about Paige thanks to a trip down her Instagram.

Paige Loves A Good Outfit

Her Instagram is full of model shots, and not just of the typical leggings-and-boot-and-expensive-bag types that most Instagram influencers have. No, Paige knows how to dress, and she loves to show her outfits off for her followers. I, personally, am thankful for the ideas.

She's In With The Crew

That house is full of personalities, but Paige and the other women seem to have gotten along swimmingly — Paige is still posting photos from last summer of her and the ladies in the house.

An experience like Summer House can make or break friendships, so it's nice to see that these women are on the "make" side of that equation.

She Knows Where The Bargains Are

Paige's Betches beat is "fashion for less," and she is all about helping women look their best while not spending every dime in their wallets. Much appreciated!

The fact that she advertises her work on Instagram is self-serving (and understandable), but it also shows that she wants women to look and feel their best.

Paige Is Single — Or So It Seems

Paige has no snaps on her Instagram with any men — no smooching, no hugging, no cuddling. She's straight, so I think it's best to assume that Paige is single and ready to mingle. Or not, you know? As long as she's happy where she is, Summer House fans are happy, too.

Paige Is Comfortable On Camera

Oh, hi, fashion week interviews! This is Paige here, your friendly neighborhood host. Where can we watch more of this? It is actually more interesting than Summer House, if I'm being entirely honest.

Paige obviously makes a wonderful new addition to the Summer House cast — let's hope the idea of 17 page emails doesn't scare her away next year.