Panera Just Released New Croissants That Will Make Cheese Lovers Drool


If your favorite food group is morning pastries consider Panera Bread a slice of heaven. When Panera Bread comes to mind you might think of bread bowls and Cheddar Broccoli Soup but that thought is now going to get a whole lot sweeter. Panera's new cream cheese pastries, the Cheese Brittany and the Cherry Cheese Brittany, are everything you've ever hoped to hold in the palm of your hand. And they've arrived just in time for National Croissant Day on Jan. 30.

Arguably the best holiday on the food holiday calendar, National Croissant Day just got even better with new, widely available options thanks to Panera. This flakey and crunchy pillow of a pastry is being re-imagined in all the right ways. The Brittany, Panera explains, is a flakey butter pastry named after the region in France where it originated. It's everything a croissant is, just with way more cheese. If the croissant could improve in any ways from its already perfect form, this would be it. Think of it as a first cousin to the croissant.

Panera customers have two new Brittany's on the menu. With a croissant square base, perfection finds sweet cream cheese and cherry fillings built upon it to make each bite even more outstanding. The soup and baked goods palace describes the Brittany as, "just-right balance of airy pastry and creamy sweetness." Sounds like something worth a line around the corner and down the block.

Panera Bread

The sweet cream against the light texture makes for an invigorating bite. Add a fill of tart cherries and flavors bounce off of textures to give you something to daydream about. You can't go wrong with whichever Brittany you choose, if I say so myself. Especially when your first of many could be free.

A Panera spokesperson tells Bustle, you can receive a free pastry on your next visit — which will probably be lunch break, let's be real —when you sign up for MyPanera today. The offer is only for new members. If you aren't already receiving rewards, consider this the warmest welcome to the wonderful world of Panera Bread.

The Cheese Brittany and the Cherry Cheese Brittany aren't the only new pastries to hit the case. A new Almond Croissant, Classic Croissant and Chocolate Croissant are also making mornings better. In particularly, the revamped Chocolate Croissant which isn't just your regular chocolate croissant. Panera's idea of a Chocolate Croissant is instead filled with a chocolate flavored cream cheese filling.

The Almond Croissant is essentially self care. The classic pastry is elevated "with the addition of a filling of almond cream and sliced almonds, and a dusting of powdered sugar," according to Panera's description. If Bear Claws are your thing, the Almond Croissant could be your next favorite pastry. The new and improved Classic Croissant, each bite coated with buttery silkiness, can be requested for sandwiches. Try your next Tuna Salad Sandwich on one of these for an eye-roll-to-the-back-of-your-head bite.

With all of these new croissant pastries to choose from, I hope you'll let it rain flakes on your lap! All of these sparkling new pastries are available nationwide. They'll taste just as good on National Croissant Day as they will on any other day of the week.