You Can Get Pajamas With Your Pet’s Face On Them Thanks To This New Custom Line

People have found some pretty interesting ways to honor their pets. I've heard tell of heated cat houses, dog ice cream, wine for kittens — you name it, some pet store's dreamed it up. But one company's come up with an even more unique pet shrine: they'll print your pet's face all over a pair of pajamas. They look purrfect! (Sorry I'm not sorry).

As reported by The Sun, for a cool $149, you can get Southern clothing company Patricia's Couture to make you a pair of custom-made pet pajamas, branded with the pet of your choice. The company's website invites you to upload Fluffy or Rex's photo, choose a size (small, medium/large, or extra large), and wait four to 6 weeks for their ivory, poly-cotton blend nighttime outfit to arrive. The reviews...exist:

"I absolutely adore the pajamas I ordered! The quality is superb and so soft! After loosing my Iggy Pop a couple of months ago, I now get to sleep with her every night! Absolutely thrilled! Im so thrilled, I have several friends ordering after I put my pj’s on social media. Thank you!" one reviewer noted. Another added, "I gave these PJs as a Christmas gift and they were an absolute hit---even outdoing more expensive and grandiose gifts. These PJs are quality made and the artist who rendered the photo is quite amazing. I will be buying more and the caftan! I would highly recommend these PJs to everyone."

They are pretty cute, if slightly frightening:

The company is extremely pro-pet — i.e. they'll print a picture of literally any pet you have, may it be a dog, cat, parrot, bunny, alpaca, chicken, cockroach, leopard, blowfish, piglet, younger sibling, or owl. The only catch is that you can't get multiple pets printed on your pajamas, so if you happen to have an entire zoo at your disposal, you won't be able to wear it all at once. You can, however, purchase multiple pajama sets with each of your pets, should you aspire to spend hundreds of dollars having images of your pets live atop your body each night.

Though the pajamas may seem strange to people who don't love having faces printed on various objects, one of the best gifts I ever received was something akin to this pajama set. I have a bizarro obsession with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and a few years ago, a former coworker of mine was perusing the Internet when he came across a site that would print any photo collection you want on the back of a phone case. And so, for Christmas, I received at my office, this gift:

I used this phone case for approximately two months, during which I received many strange looks on the New York City subway. It was, and to this day remains, the best gift I have ever received. Unfortunately, I use my phone to record interviews, and it seemed, as a professional journalist, uncouth to pull out a Ted Cruz-bedazzled phone case while attempting to interrogate officials with the Mayor's office. I retired the Cruz Case, and now I have a bigger phone, so it is gathering dust somewhere in my room.

What does the Ted Cruz case have to do with this pajama pet story? Basically nothing, except custom-made stuff is cool and awesome, and if I had a pet rabbit I would 1000 percent purchase pajamas with its face splattered all over. However, I do not like to sleep in polyester blends, so perhaps Patricia's Couture could create a cotton-only version for me? I will purchase a rabbit just for the occasion, I promise!