Paul From 'BB18' Is Back For 'BB19'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

It's official! Fan favorite contestant Paul Abrahamian has returned for Big Brother 19. In the first major twist of the season, one houseguest made a decision that triggered the arrival of the master of friendship himself. Big Brother 18 houseguest Paul's arrival may have been great news for fans of the runner-up, but the houseguests seem to not be pleased at all.

It's rather ironic that Paul ended up being the returning houseguest this season, especially after his crusade in Big Brother 18 to evict the returning veterans who got a second chance to play in his season. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Paul is the veteran who needs to look out for newbies targeting him solely because he is the veteran in the house. Unlike the veterans of his season, however, Paul is the only past houseguest to be returning.

Paul isn't just back in the game for a visit, however. His arrival means that he is replacing one of the original Big Brother 19 houseguests. This means that Paul is technically the reason for the first eviction of the season, meaning that the remaining houseguests could be even more way of him. Despite all the obstacles in his path and some hesitation from the others in the host, Paul has fans on Twitter pleased that he's getting a second chance.

Paul made it to the very end of Big Brother 18, but he didn't make it there on his own. The crucial element missing in his return is his partner-in-crime Victor, whose companionship helped Paul stay sane and safe through week after week of BB18. After they were forced to bargain for his friendship, however, there are few candidates who could make a satisfactory ride-or-die replacement for Victor.

Whether he's on his own or part of a dynamic duo, Paul is a welcome presence in BB19 and will surely add a generous dose of friendship into the season.