A ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Friendship Is Restored

Tyler Golden

There was nothing but bombshells and turns of fortune awaiting us when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returned from its winter hiatus. The first bombshell: Paula's husband cheated on Paula and left her in a total state of shock. Crazier still, the affair helped Rebecca and Paula reconcile their friendship. Who could have seen that coming? While Paula's first instinct was to kick her husband out of the house and retreat to find a way to heal, Rebecca's was to jump in and offer her help to Paula. As a result, Rebecca ended up babysitting Paula's son, Tommy, and getting a crash-course in motherhood.

But let's refresh for a second. The last time we saw Rebecca and Paula, they were singing a pained duet about trying to reconcile in the song, "You Go First." The women had been through a lot in the last few months. Rebecca selfishly projected her problems onto Paula, Paula hid her abortion from Rebecca, both women found new best friends to hang out with, and both avoided confronting their issues. After a disastrous girls night in, it became evident the former besties really needed to meet in the middle and really hash out their problems.

Greg Gayne/The CW

Who would have thought an affair would have been the thing to really bring Rebecca and Paula back together? But that it did. After kicking out Scott, Paula let Rebecca watch Tommy while she went to clear her head. Upon returning home, not only did it appear that Paula was in a better headspace, but she was warming to the idea of Rebecca and a renewed friendship.

Both women needed to do a little bit of growing and healing about their own personal turmoil before they could come back together, but it's a relief to see that they're finally back together again. For now, it seems that all is completely forgiven. The team is back in action and all the ills are in the past. Surely this means a fresh start for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's favorite partners-in-crime, right?