PBteen's New 'Harry Potter' Collection Is So Cute You Will Flip Your Snitch

Y'all, get your Howlers ready to send the news to all your fave witches and wizards, because they're going to need to hear about this, stat: PBteen released a Harry Potter collection, and it is straight out of your wildest dreams. Like, if you stared into the Mirror of Erised and envisioned your ideal Harry Potter bedroom? This collection would still be cuter and classier than whatever image you saw projected back at you.

Before I go on, let us all bow our heads in a moment of silence for all the galleons we're about to sacrifice to this worthy cause. The line, which features everything from bed sheets and pillows to backpacks and cute little snitch alarm clocks, is not only too adorable for your No-Maj eyes, but incredibly versatile as well. You can use the array of options to basically recreate the dark, cozy space of the Gryffindor common room, or go full Ravenclaw and create the calming aesthetic of your Potter bedroom dream. And for once, a brand has been super careful not to leave any of the houses out of the mix — that's right, my fellow Hufflepuffs. There's even swag for the badgers up in here.

The release was announced on Facebook on Sept. 14, accompanied with an enchanting video to give a sense for how you can style the decor and tie a room together with it (not that any of us needed any further convincing in this matter).

If you're also losing your Muggle mind right now, you're far from alone — those distant screams you're hearing are coming from the Bustle office and people logging onto Facebook to hear about this 'round the world. If you, too, are suddenly planning a complete overhaul of your bedroom in the middle of your workday right now, then here are some of the products available in the new PBteen line for inspo.

Enchanted Night Sky Duvet Cover + Sham


If the ridiculously Instagrammable minimalism of these sheets weren't enough to convince you to hop on this train, PBteen wrote in an encouraging comment on Facebook, "It's never too late for Harry Potter! You can always shop it as an adult. Our bedding even comes in King!"

Heck yeah it does. Here's what it looks like all put together with other items in the Harry Potter line.


Good thing that place is carpeted, because my jaw just hit the floor.

Enchanted Night Sky Duvet Cover + Sham, $28.50-$109, PBteen

Deathly Hallows + Expecto Patronum + House Pillows


Perfect for the bedroom, the living room, or, if you're being honest with yourself, every room available to you, the decorative pillows are a perfect way to tell your guests, "Yes, I'm hugely into Harry Potter and it's kind of a problem, but I also have excellent taste."


They also have one for each of the four Houses, so you can let everyone know where your allegiances lie during Quidditch season.


Deathly Hallows Pillow, $39.50, PBteen

Expecto Patronum Pillow, $39.50, PBteen

Ravenclaw Pillow, $39.50, PBteen

House Backpacks Galore


These puppies are water resistant and built to last — perfect for sneaking into the kitchen after hours, or, say, overthrowing a dark wizard with your secret student army. All in a day's work!

Hufflepuff Backpack, $79, PBteen

Golden Snitch Clock

Rise and (literally) shine with this golden snitch alarm clock. Sometimes it's hard to get to the Quidditch pitch at the break of dawn, but practice makes perfect, and you'll remember to get your head in the game bright and early with this on your bedside table.

Golden Snitch Clock, $49, PBteen

Flying Key Jewelry Hooks


You don't even have to get past a three-headed dog or chase anything on a broomstick to enjoy the casual elegance of these flying key jewelry hooks. All of the aesthetic, none of the stress.

Flying Key Jewelry Hooks, $89, PBteen

Hedwig Jewelry Cage


If you can handle looking at this every day without openly weeping about the fate of your fave, this is arguably the most beautiful object in the entire Harry Potter PBteen line.

Hedwig Jewelry Cage, $99, PBteen

Marauder's Map Pillow

I really and truly saved the best for last, guys. Look what happens to this pillow when you sneak out with your invisibility cloak and turn off the lights.

I, too, just full-body gasped, so don't feel too bad about it.

Marauder's Map Pillow, $49, PBteen

You can glimpse the entire line at PBteen's website here, but you might want to catch the Knight Bus or hop on a Firebolt for this one — it's going to sell out fast!