This Peach Pie-Flavored Wine Is A Summer Game-Changer — And It's Only $10

Oliver Winery

By this point in the year you likely are armed with whatever insulated wine glass you're going to sneak into the park/movies/outdoor yoga class this summer, but what, exactly, are you going to put in it? While there is always the tried-and-true rosé route, maybe you want to mix things up a little bit this summer and strike off the beaten chilled wine path. Enter: Peach Pie Wine, which is a thing you can put in your insulated wine cup, your heart, and, of course, your mouth.

The Peach Pie Wine comes by way of Oliver Winery, a winery in Bloomington, Ind. that has a whole range of affordable, inventive wines. The Peach Pie Wine, which retails at the winery, in grocery stores, and online, was released in April after the success of the company's Blueberry Moscato released in March — it seems that this summer, fruit- and dessert-inspired wine is definitely poised to have a moment.

"Oliver Peach Pie is a quintessential summer treat. This fresh, bright wine tastes like a helping of juicy, sweet peaches and buttery crust, with a creamy vanilla 'a la mode' finish," says the description on Oliver Winery's website. "A crisp, clean apple wine base lets the fruity flavors shine in this sweet white wine."

Obviously a wine being dessert-flavored is a strong enough selling point that you don't need a ton more reasons to get on board, but it helps that it's also only $10 and looks like it was spawned out of someone's wildest Instagram daydreams. Plus, peach flavors pair well with just about anything — you can sip this with a bread and cheese situation, with a fruit salad situation, with a chocolate situation, or just completely go ham and have a picnic with all three. All the best summer foods are coming, and now Peach Pie Wine can be the delicious blank canvas for putting them all in your mouth.

If you peruse the Oliver Winery website, though, you'll see that this is just the beginning of its pretty vast offerings. In this same vein, the winery also offers a Cherry Cobbler wine, and an Apple Pie wine in the fall; and of course, the aforementioned Blueberry Moscato, which masquerades as a extremely pretty rosé.

And just in case this isn't enough for your collective sweet teeth, the winery also has a line of dessert wines, so you can follow up your dessert with dessert.

Anyway, after 2017 was decidedly the Summer Of Rosé, 2018 the Summer Of Rosé Cider, I, personally, am looking forward to us all leaning into these summery, fruit-inspired wine, if only because of the convenience of being able to have my dessert and my alcohol in one place. You can check out the availability of the wines on Oliver Winery's website here, and also check to see if it will ship to your state. If it does, remember to snag these flavors while you can — just like the seasons they were inspired by, they're only around for a limited time.