Watch This Vlogger Use An Egg To Blend His Makeup

PopLuxe On YouTube

Weird beauty trends are everywhere. Whether its products, tools, or methods, there's no shortage of people experimenting with new ways to reinvent the beauty wheel. Now, though, people are blending makeup with eggs, and you need to see it to believe it. While the silisponge and the lash staple tool may have seemed odd — yet effective — the egg blending tool is a next level makeup hack, and it's got me wondering what could possibly be next in the world of beauty experimentation.

According to MTV News, egg blending seems to be the latest odd trend to hit beauty lovers' social media feeds. The rationale behind using an egg? It's shape. The traditional beauty blender is typically egg shaped, and that seems to have inspired people to seek out egg shaped items to blend their makeup with. Plus, the texture of the egg — hardboiled, of course, because a regular egg would just result in foundation dripping down its sides — does kind of mimic the ever popular and hyped up silisponge.

Beauty vlogger PopLuxe was challenged to blend his makeup with a hardboiled egg according to the first video in his new series called "Project Object." While the result was pretty good, this is still a trend I wouldn't recommend for sanitary and sensory — that smell! — reasons.

This isn't the first weird item that vloggers and Instagram gurus have tried to use. There's actually a long list of unfortunate experiments.

1. Condom

Do not recommend.

2. Vibrator

I'm starting to notice a pattern.

3. Knife

This does not seem safe.

Basically, people are going ham with their makeup application techniques. As for me, I think I'll stick to my beauty sponge.