People Are Going Off About Their Unpopular Opinions On Twitter & They'll Make You Irrationally Pissed


Whether you self-define as a liberal or conservative, a dog person or a cat person, or a fitness freak or couch potato, there are core beliefs that shape your identity. If you publicly deviate from said core beliefs, however, there's bound to be some pushback. With the trending hashtag #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion, Twitter users have an excuse to voice the views that they would definitely get flack for in their communities. And, just as you'd expect, they're invoking scandal, laughter, and outrage in the process of airing their dirty little not-so-secrets.

Music lovers, food snobs, political junkies and sports nuts alike know how to keep in step with the circles they run with. Like, say, if you're a metalhead, you might not broadcast that your favorite Metallica record is the Black album, just as if you're into artisanal chocolate, you might steer clear of snacking on Mast Brothers in front of your connoisseur friends. And don't even start with telling a Giants fan how superior the Patriots are. Basically, as much as we're told that everyone is entitled to their opinion, even some seemingly benign points of view can garner the ire of the masses.

Here are six kinds of unpopular opinions that folks on Twitter were going off about:

1. Unpopular Food Opinions

2. Unpopular Lifestyle Opinions

3. Unpopular Movie Opinions

4. Unpopular Music Opinions

5. Unpopular TV Opinions

6. Unpopular Random Opinions