People Are Straight-up Obsessed With These 32 Ridiculously Clever Products On Amazon Prime

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One minute a product is just a glimmer in the eye of some clever inventor or designer — then suddenly you look around, you talk with your friends, and it's everywhere. What makes something go viral? Word of mouth, social media, and Amazon have played more than just an incidental role in the spread of hot products. When you consider the number and variety of crazy clever products available through Amazon Prime alone, it's easy to see why this retail giant is a top source for trend-hunters looking to hunt down or get a piece of the latest must-haves.

Now, it's not only the easy and convenient availability to order products on Amazon that make certain things stand out. It's the passionate reviewers that swear up and down these things have saved them time, money, and their patience from wearing away. So even though a vegetable scrubber doesn't seem like a product that produces an obsessive amount of fans — surprise! It does. So when hundreds or thousands of reviewers are standing by masks made with clay, cleansers with ingredients like milk, and jogger pants? You take notice.

Here's a look at some other Amazon Prime sensations that have people buzzing.

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