People Share The Worst Things Their Marriages Have Ever Survived

by Megan Grant

Marriage is not for the faint of heart. Choosing to dedicate the rest of your life to one person, for better or worse, is no joke. While many married couples experience similar problems that stem from being together a long time — little spats, the spark fizzling out, a loss of intimacy — for other people, it gets much more difficult. Reddit users are sharing the worst things their marriages have ever survived, and it ain't pretty. On the upside, it's inspiring to hear that even when the odds were seemingly against them, these couples worked through it and came out victorious.

Not everyone is able to get there; it's no secret that America's divorce rate is pretty high. Although, to be fair, despite the wildly popular statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce, the numbers tell a different story. Some research has found that the divorce rate in the U.S. peaked around 1980 at about 40 percent; and it's been falling ever since. Maybe it's because people are waiting longer to get married, partly to establish more meaningful relationships and avoid divorce. Maybe it's because we're getting better at workout out our problems with our partners.

Either way, these marriages prove that even when things seem like they can't get any worse, there's still a chance that you can find a way.



Wow. Just... wow. Hats off to this couple, who got through such a difficult time right after saying "I do." You know what they say: in sickness and in health.



Kudos to you, friend. You stuck by his side, and that's probably one of the biggest reasons he's in such a better place now.


Postpartum Depression

So many women suffer from postpartum depression. While the numbers vary, some estimates place this somewhere between 10 and 15 percent. This isn't as simple as being a little sad; some women think they'll never find their way through. Take this person's advice and talk to someone if you're suffering.


Deaths In The Family

So much loss in one family, but they're getting through it.



The pain of losing a baby might be unlike anything else on this planet. Cheers to these folks who never gave up.



Baby steps. Sometimes, all you can do is focus on one day at a time.



So often, money is the reason for divorce — likely one of the most common ones. In fact, it's been found to be the leading cause of stress in relationships. Fortunately, these two beat the statistics and made it out alive.


An Affair

What a heart of gold you must have. Some statistics say infidelity is the biggest cause of divorce, and others claim it's only on the rise; but there are still couples who find a way to get through it and move on together.


Financial Hardship

That's certainly the last thing you want when you've got a new baby to care for.


PTSD And Alcoholism

One person's problem can easily affect the entire marriage. Alcohol abuse has been linked to higher divorce rates; and for veterans suffering from PTSD, nearly 50 percent of their marriages end in divorce, and they're three times as likely to have multiple marriages end in divorce.

Not this couple, though. Good on you.



Ah, yes. The dreaded mother-in-law. Some experts claim that in-laws can be a leading cause of divorce, as it's a sign of a lack of boundaries as well as a lack of simple respect.



They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but that makes the situation sound totally romantic and leaves out how darn hard it is.


An Ex Spouse

Creating a peaceful environment with your spouse's ex can't be easy, particularly when there are children involved. Hang in there, you two.