People Won't Shut Up About These 53 Random But Genius Things On Amazon

Amazon is home to a variety of solutions to problems you didn’t even realize you had. You know those random annoyances that you just deal with? As it turns out, you don’t have to put up with them — and numerous reviewers will back that up. Trust me, people won’t shut up about these 54 random, but genius things on Amazon. Once you learn how incredible they are, you may be inspired to pen your own review.

If you’re tired of dirtying multiple measuring spoons when cooking for the family, I've included a product that will make your life so much easier. Perhaps you enjoy the luxury of espresso but don’t want to pay the price for your own machine? This list includes a stovetop solution to your coffee woes. I've even added a jewelry stand that’s designed to keep your necklaces from getting tangled — where has this been my whole life?

These random, but genius products all have one thing in common: an abundance of great reviews — some even boast 20,000 or more reviews. From a mini donut maker that will impress friends and family with your baking skills (but, in reality, takes minutes to operate) to a space-saving cutlery organizer and no-contact forehead thermometer, these are the products that improve upon original inventions and are so useful you'll wonder how you lived without them.

What are you waiting for? Read on to see what all of the hype is about.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. A Sock Organizer With 24 Spaces

This sock and underwear organizer fits easily into a drawer to keep your things neat and tidy. It has 24 cells that are big enough to hold a pair of socks or rolled up underwear. The organizer is collapsible and can also be used for belts, ties, or underwear. This pack of two has more than 4,000 reviews and a 4.7 star rating. An Enthusiastic Review: "Really love this product. We started out buying a set to organize our boys' underwear and socks. We loved them so much that we ended up buying two more packs for other places in the house. They're compact enough that we were able to fit two organizers side by side, and they're deep enough that we can roll my husband's workout shirts and stuff them into one of the cubbies. Over all, they've made a huge difference in our home organization."

2. These Gap Covers For Your Kitchen Counters

If you’re tired of losing silverware or food bits in your kitchen, this counter gap cover will save you a lot of time and frustration. The flexible silicone cover sits in place to cover gaps between your countertop and stove, sink, or other appliances. This pack of two gap covers are non-slip, rustproof, and spill-proof to keep your messes from falling into the abyss. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. An Enthusiastic Review: "These fit perfect in between my range and the countertop covering the small gap that exists. I hated the fact that food and other little things would fall into the small opening/separation but buying these did the trick. They are super easy to install and also easy to clean and maintain. Simple solution that I highly recommend."

3. A Door Draft Stopper That Blocks Noise, Light & Air Flow

Keep warm air in and cold air out with this door draft stopper. It slides under the door to create a barrier that blocks air flow, noise, critters, moisture, and even light. It’s made of thick cotton and can be machine washed between uses. Choose among nine colors. An Enthusiastic Review: "My mom needed this for her back door. Her previous solution involved [a] plastic bag stuffed into the small crevices underneath the door, and every time a person needed to use the door she had to reconfigure. My mom has a nice place, so the plastic bags solution needed to go. I ordered this for her, and even though she’s using it on an outside door it’s working really well because she has a storm door. [...] I chose a color that goes well with her kitchen and it looks great, and it’s working much better than the previous system."

4. A Space-Saving Stacked Utensil Organizer

Thousands of reviewers awarded this silverware organizer a 4.5-star rating. The plastic organizer has a unique design that has stacked compartments to hold up to 48 pieces of cutlery in a quarter of the usual space. It has a non-slip base and is lightweight and easy to clean. An Enthusiastic Review: "Wonderful piece of cutlery holder. My drawer was a mess despite having a generic cutlery holder with ample space it just took up too much room. This tidy little organiser not only fit all my many many cutlery but it freed up half my drawer space so that I could fit all my kitchen utensils that I had in a large pot on the kitchen counter. Highly recommend.”

5. A Therapy Lamp That Safely Mimic The Sun

This UV-free LED therapy lamp is designed to safely mimic sunlight and can be used to fight off winter blues. The stand rotates 90 degrees for portrait or landscape usage and can also be angled between 40 and 100 degrees to position the light right where you need it. It has an adjustable dimmer and a 30-minute timer. An Enthusiastic Review: "I usually struggle with early mornings, especially as the days get shorter and we creep into day light savings. This little device has been tremendously helpful. I've been feeling more wakefulness in the mornings as I turn this on next to my work computer. As someone who struggles with SAD, I am beginning to feel like myself again, without the need for excessive caffeine or any other mind-altering substances. I chose this one because the display is much larger and the wood grain matches well with the rest of my home."

6. These Fun Wine Bottle Lids That Look Like Condoms

These wine condoms are a hilarious and clever way to seal your open wine bottles. The portable rubber condoms shrink to the size of the bottle opening, creating an air-tight seal that keeps air from getting in and liquid from spilling out. They come in gold packaging that gives the novelty look of condoms. An Enthusiastic Review: "These were a quasi gag gift for a wine lover. Not only did they have the desired reaction to receiving them but later when she found out they actually work great I got a second great reaction. [...] they are great to put in a purse [...] for when you order a bottle at dinner or a winery but don't finish it."

7. The Home Camera That Livestreams To An App

The home camera allows you to pan, tilt, or zoom to see every angle of your home, all from the convenience of an app. It livestreams HD video to an app where the homeowner can control and monitor the camera. It even connects to Amazon Alexa to incorporate all of your home’s smart devices. It has night vision and two-way audio to communicate. An Enthusiastic Review: "I heard several tech podcasts ranting and raving over this Wyze cam, so I took the plunge on one. WOW, how amazing to get all this, for $30 (plus shipping)! The image is super-clear, and I LOVE the ability to scan around a room via my phone."

8. This Mini Donut Maker That Works In Minutes

The next time you’re craving something sweet, you’ll be glad to have this mini donut maker. It makes four mini donuts at a time inside iron-style nonstick baking plates. Just spray the pan, preheat, pour the batter, lower the lid to bake and you’re done. The light turns on when it’s plugged in and ready to bake, and then turns off when your goodies are ready. It’s lightweight and compact with non-skid rubber feet to keep it in place. An Enthusiastic Review: "This donut maker is awesome! My boyfriend loves donuts and this thing can make a ton of donuts in minutes. They are definitely small donuts. Highly recommend using a piping bag to fill when using."

9. A Soap Pouch That Exfoliates Your Skin

Extend the life of your soap with this soap pouch. It’s made of nylon and has a little pocket to hold soap or bits of broken soap bars. But the best thing about it is that, like a loofah, this pouch exfoliates your skin while storing your soap. It sloughs away old skin cells and can even improve circulation. An Enthusiastic Review: "Game changer! The Loofah for your bar of soap. I love this thing! It allows me to use the bar of soap down to the nub. Scrubs harder than my previous loofah. Lathering doesn't take long. Go get it!"

10. This Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer

Stop reheating your coffee every hour and instead get yourself one of these coffee warmers. This glass panel heater has three settings and will run for four hours, keeping your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa warm until the last drop. The warmer is waterproof and even has a sensitive gravity switch that turns on and off as you lift the cup. Keep it in your home office to enjoy warm coffee all day long. An Enthusiastic Review: "This product works really good. You’ll like it especially if you like your coffee 'hot.' I tried another mug warmer before this and it was keeping my drink “warm” at best, which was not enough for me. The highest temperature on this device is enough to keep your drink hot but what’s better is it actually made my coffee hotter than what it was before!"

11. This Jewelry Cleaner To Keep Gems Sparkling

Easily clean your jewelry with this non-toxic jewelry cleaner that breathes new life into your accessories. You can clean gold, platinum, and diamonds, as well as several precious and semi-precious gems. This highly rated cleaner, which has more than 13,000 reviews, comes with a basket to hold jewelry as it soaks in the cleaning solution and a small bristle brush for getting in between crevices. An Enthusiastic Review: "We recently have been made more aware of germs. I wear jewelry daily and started to get concerned about the amount of germs lurking in my jewelry so I purchased this jewelry cleaner and can’t believe how clean and shiny the diamonds are."

12. These Waterproof Shelf Liners That Are Easy To Clean

These waterproof refrigerator liners make it easy to keep your kitchen clean. The washable mats are made of food-safe material that is mildew-, dust-, and oil-proof. They can be cut to size to fit your refrigerator. You can also use them to line drawers or shelves. They’re easy to clean and protect your surfaces from spills. An Enthusiastic Review: "We love these a lot. We just bought a new Samsung refrigerator when we moved and we were looking for liners to keep the shelves nice and clean and these do the job. They fit on the shelves perfectly and they make cleaning the fridge much easier because I can just pull them out and give them a quick rinse and dry."

13. A Magnetic Shelf To Store Your Spices

Keep your spices nearby without worrying about knocking them over with this magnetic shelf. It attaches to the top of your stove with zero installation time. The large magnet stays put and creates a usable, flat shelf space to store spices or decor. It comes in three colors and fits both flat and curved stovetops. An Enthusiastic Review: "Literally you take it out of the package and place it on .... magnet is veryyyyyyy strong. Now I can place things on top of my oven without them falling behind. It also makes my oven look more expensive! After seeing mine my mom and friends all bought one! They all have different ovens too. Highly recommend!!!"

14. This Griddle For Making Fun Crepes

Make fun, festive crepes at home on this electric griddle. It’s high powered and has a large, 12-inch cooking surface, making it perfect for pancakes or crepes. It has a non-stick surface that makes clean up easy, with a temperature control that allows you to adjust it to your desired temp. It cooks foods evenly and quickly. An Enthusiastic Review: "My husband calls me the crêpe master now! My first time making these and they turned out fabulously. We had crêpes in New Orleans and a recent cruise so I wanted to try making them at home. incredibly easy with the included tools."

15. These Ballet-Inspired Yoga Socks With Traction

These yoga socks are perfect for indoor workouts where you need a little extra traction. The cotton socks are thin and make you feel like you’re barefooted, with the exception of the 100% silicone gel strips on the bottom that keep you from slipping. They have ballet-inspired elastic straps for a major style boost and come in shades like black, grey, and pink. An Enthusiastic Review: "Great, lightweight cotton non slip socks. I cannot handle when my feet get hot, so these are perfect. The elastic straps are just right, they aren't too tight to where they are cutting in to my feet. I'll definitely be buying more of these in the future! The price that you pay for the 2 pairs (I got the black and grey) is well worth it! You wont be disappointed."

16. The Charcoal Bags That Eliminate Odors

Get rid of stinky shoes with these bamboo charcoal bags. They’re made with activated charcoal that absorbs odors and purifies the air, all while trapping dust. Hang them in your closet, car, or near your pet’s litter box to clean and freshen the air. This pack of 12 is a bargain since you can reuse the bags for up to two years. An Enthusiastic Review: "Smell that? You don’t? That’s cause these actually work! I put one of these in each shoe when I take my shoes off. No more shoe odors in the laundry room! I probably should have bought these a long time ago."

17. This Broom Holder And Garden Tool Organizer

Keep all your cleaning tools organized with this broom holder. It’s easy to install and has five spring-loaded slots to hold mops, brooms, and rakes. It also has six hooks for hanging brushes or towels and can hold up to 35 pounds and keep your cleaning tools off the floor. It has more than 21,000 reviews and a 4.4 star review. An Enthusiastic Review: "I love the way the organizer keeps all my brooms and mops off the floor and out of the way. I’m a big believer in mak[ing] use out of negative spaces. It was super easy to install due to the template sent with the organizer! [...] Best of all it only took me about 5 mins to install and I didn’t need an extra set of hands. It’s holding up great! Thanks for a wonderful product."

18. These Drain Clog Removers That Get Rid Of Gunk

This pack of drain clog removers are made to go deep into sinks or showers to clear drains of gunk, debris, and hair. It comes with five snake-style clog removers that are nearly 20 inches long and one stainless steel cleaner that measures 24 inches long. Safely clear your drains in just minutes. An Enthusiastic Review: "I was inspired to look for a product like this after buying a bottle of Liquid Plumber at the grocery store that included a plastic drain snake. I [dislike] using such harsh chemicals, but I couldn't stand the slow drain anymore. Turns out, all I needed was the plastic drain snake! Instead of buying several bottles of unneeded chemicals, I of course turned to Amazon to see if I could find simply the drain snakes - and here they are!"

19. The Push-Up Stands For Challenging Workouts

Take your workout to the next level with these pushup stands. They have padded grips that are easy on your hands and keep your wrists in a safe, neutral position. Doing pushups on these stands can help to increase muscle strength in your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs. An Enthusiastic Review: Love these! I like that the handles are a little wider so it doesn't impair my palms. The grips are sticky so you don't slip off the handles. They are also stackable, so they're easy to store relative to other metal pushup stands that I've seen. Would absolutely buy again.

20. These Silicone Skincare Brushes For Masks And Serums

These silicone brushes are ideal for evenly spreading your favorite beauty products across your face. They have more than 39,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. Use them to evenly spread a face mask, peel, serum, or lotion to your skin. They’re soft and hygienic and can be cleaned easily with water. This pack of two is a bargain for less than $5. An Enthusiastic Review: "This is a must have!! Saw these on TikTok and have got to say they do not disappoint. Absolutely love them!"

21. A Multi-Purpose Food Slicer With Thousands Of Reviews

This stainless steel multi blade has more than 15,000 reviews and a 4.5 star review. It has five interchangeable blades to slice, julienne, grate, chop, and peel. They’re easy to switch out and clean. You can even adjust the thickness from 1 to 9 mm to suit a variety of recipes. It’s lightweight and easy to store away when you’re not using it. An Enthusiastic Review: "It beats all the other slicers or whatever I had used before, it just does absolutely great job, every time. The Mandolin slicer is very good quality and sturdy, not any cheap plastic thingy. It also does slice soooooo thin — it becomes so much fun using it for cooking!I love my Mandolin slicer, and use it everyday since I bought it, get this one and you are not gonna regret!"

22. A Yoga Strap With Loops For Deep Stretching

This nylon yoga strap helps you achieve a deep stretch and soothes fatigued muscles. It has 12 loops that are soft and nonelastic, which means they won’t lose shape or tear. Use the strap to warm up before a tough workout or to recover after one. It is often used in physical therapy according to the manufacturer. It comes in six colors and measures eight feet long. An Enthusiastic Review: "Great quality, not like a resistance band that stretches, so you have full control of the pull and resistance for stretching. Great colors, great quality in the stitching, and convenient travel pouch. Just what I needed!"

23. The Dry Erase Sticky Notes That Adhere To Any Surface

These dry erase stick notes are perfect for your home office or for keeping track of the kid’s schedule. This six pack of sticky notes are made with residue-free adhesive on the back that stick anywhere.The whiteboard surface is easy to write on with dry erase markers and when you need to remove them, just peel them back and rinse with water to reactivate the adhesive. An Enthusiastic Review: "I love that they are reusable. I work in an office and we use post-it notes for everything. I noticed we were ordering them a lot and spending a lot of money. I decided to try these McSquares to see if we could save money. I have been using them for about a week and I love them. They stick to almost every surface and work just like a post-it."

24. These Eco-Friendly Silicone Baking Cups

These colorful, reusable silicone baking cups are much more environmentally friendly than the regular paper ones. This pack of 12 is made of food-grade silicone that is safe in the freezer, microwave, or oven and can easily be washed in the dishwasher. You don’t need to grease them, either — they easily release food and are even stain- and odor-resistant. An Enthusiastic Review: "I have always wanted to buy silicone cups because I love to bake (but don’t like foil and paper cups), so I'm glad I finally got around to it. These are perfect. They are fun and colorful, and despite feeling thin, they are very durable and hold up to oven temperatures no problem. I didn't have to adjust baking times, or grease the cups."

25. A Stovetop Espresso Maker

This stovetop espresso maker will have you whipping up lattes every morning with ease. It comes in four sizes: 1, 3, 6 or 9 cups. Just fill the machine with water, add coffee, then place the machine on your stove to begin the brewing process. Like a tea kettle, you’ll listen to hear when the coffee is brewed. It has a soft-touch handle to protects your hands, plus it’s easy to disassemble to clean. An Enthusiastic Review: "I love the quality and craftsmanship of this espresso maker. It is made of a heavy metal that looks and feels very durable, the finishing is very nice, and the handle and top part stay cool to the touch which is amazing. [...] I make coffee at least four times a day so having this is definitely a plus."

26. A Camping Lantern That Also Charges Your Phone

This camping lantern is bright and can be used to charge your phone. The frosted plastic shell of the lantern reduces glare and the light can be set on one of five settings: 00% brightness, 50% brightness, 20% brightness, flash, or SOS. The light itself is rechargeable and can last up to 10 hours. It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and perfect for camping. An Enthusiastic Review: "These tent lights are small but bright. I am really impressed with how well-built they are. They have a few different options to choose from for using the light. It even has SOS for emergencies. Easy to use and even came charged so I could use it right away."

27. A Multi-Tool Keychain With 16+ Functions

This multi-tool looks like a key, but is a multi-tasking dynamo. It’s a bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, wrench, bit driver, file, bike spoke key, wire stripper, and more. It attaches to a lanyard or keychain for easy portability and is TSA-approved for travel. An Enthusiastic Review: "YES....this is a very well made little tool. I really like the multi bit screw driver head (unique and very functional). In all honesty I really didn't expect to find this kind of quality and engineering in a 20 dollar (key ring) multi tool. The cut on the serrated knife edge is clean and precise. Even the bottle opener incorporates a nice little open end wrench. [...] This tool [has] a lot of problem solving utility that fits in the palm of your hand."

28. A Spatula That Gets The Last Drop Of Product

This small, flexible spatula is designed to get the last drop out of any jar or container. Use it for makeup, hair products, or foods like peanut butter and jelly. It has a long handle that is easy to fit into almost any bottle or container and it's dishwasher-safe for convenience. An Enthusiastic Review: "I just got this today and it already earned me at least another two uses of my EOS shave cream. I’ve been getting into more luxury makeup as well, so this thing will practically pay for itself when I need to use it [in] my foundation & concealer bottles."

29. The Contact-Less Tool For Opening Doors

This door opener is a multi-tool that makes it easy to open and close doors without having to touch them. Stay away from germs at the gas station or at checkout with the built-in stylus that can be used to push buttons or sign screens for payment. It attaches to your keychain and even has a built-in can opener. The 3-piece set comes with silver, rose gold, and black tools. An Enthusiastic Review: “This was beyond what I expected. I’m thrilled that I don’t have to touch: car doors, elevator buttons at doctors offices, plus more. This is perfect and so was the price. And... have extras to share and feel safer.”

30. This Sharpening Stone To Keep Knives In Perfect Shape

A well-sharpened knife is the best tool you can have in the kitchen and this double-sided sharpening stone whips dull knives into shape with barely any effort. On one side of the stone you’ll find Grit 400 that is ideal for returning knife edges to their original state, while the other side features Grit 1000 for sharpening and smoothing edges. Its non-slip base keeps the stone in place on counters for stability while sharpening. An Enthusiastic Review: “All my knives were completely ruined by one of those cheap hand held sharpeners that you have to pull the knife through. I used them for years, and was never satisfied even though they were quick. Those sharpeners completely ruined my knives. After receiving this stone, I spent about 30 minutes per knife (5 knives) on the 400 grit side to re-grind the blades down, using as close to a 15-20 degree honing angle as possible. I'm not an experienced knife sharpener, so for me the hardest part is keeping the honing angle consistent and learning the proper pressure to apply. Even as a beginner, I was able to restore the knives and they are cutting far better now than they have in years.”

31. A No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

Keep your family safe and healthy with this infrared thermometer. The contact-less forehead thermometer takes temperatures in seconds without touching the skin. It displays the reading on a large LCD backlight screen, which lights up in green, yellow or red, depending on the severity of the temperature reading. An Enthusiastic Review: "We had one of those thermometers for putting below your tongue but we felt like that one is riskier since you have to place it inside your mouth. This one you just have to point it towards your forehead and it's more hygiene and a lot more convenient to use."

32. This Non-Stick Griddle That Whips Up So Many Foods

This three-in-one griddle is perfect for whipping up some of your favorite meals. It has interchangeable, nonstick plates that cook food evenly. One plate is for sandwiches, another for donuts, and the last for making waffles. It has a built-in timer and reaches its cooking temperature in just three minutes. An Enthusiastic Review: "Great product!! I make waffles and sandwiches for my kids easily! Non stick, easy to clean, and elegant looking!"

33. The Shower Head That Changes Colors

This chrome handheld shower head changes colors as you use it. It’s equipped with a hydroelectric generator so the running water powers the lights — no batteries needed. It has anti-clogging silicone jets and a durable stainless steel hose and bracket. Shower under one of seven, vibrant colors and you'll feel like you're at a party. An Enthusiastic Review: "I just love it! So easy to install and LED light is bright and changes every few seconds. Super duper love it."

34. These Herb Shears For Breezy Food Prep

These five-blade herb shears make adding herbs to your meals a breeze. They’re made of stainless steel and have a three-inch blade and ergonomic handles. The set includes two draw string bags for storage and a safe cover that has a built-in cleaning comb to keep your shears in the best condition. An Enthusiastic Review: "My wife and I prepare many dishes that include fresh parsley or cilantro. When we were visiting my aunt and uncle we were preparing them a dish with fresh parsley. I asked my aunt if she had a pair of kitchen scissors. She said no, but she said that she had Jenaluca herb scissors. The moment I tried them I was so impressed I asked my wife to order us a pair (which were waiting for us on our return). We like them so much that we ordered our adult daughter a pair and she is equally impressed with them. A very good buy."

35. A Tiered Organizer For Spices & More

This three tier organizer provides a great way to store and keep track of all of your spices. The risers are made of strong plastic and have non-slip shelf lining that keeps spice jars, or anything you are organizing in place. This multi-tasking shelf can also be used in the bathroom to keep track of all your products. It makes it easy to see a whole collection in one space. An Enthusiastic Review: "I love these tiered organizers. I decided to organize our two pantries and these were affordable and durable. Makes a world of difference, you won’t be disappointed."

36. An interactive Jump Rope That Counts Calories

Up your workout game with this jump rope that tracks your calories. It has an LED screen that displays a timer, calorie counter, and the number of jumps completed. The rope itself is made of durable steep cased in PVC so it easily twists, winds or bends without snapping. You can even adjust the length to suit your height. An Enthusiastic Review: "In 12 minutes and 1117 jumps later, I was drenched in sweat. In my opinion, if you are paying more than $15 for the so called “pro” ropes that [don't] offer a built-in counter, you are being jipped. Get this electronic skipping rope TODAY! Love it!!!!"

37. A Mini Water Filtration System For Camping

This mini water filtration system is perfect for campers and adventurers. The mini filter attaches to a drinking pouch, which safely holds your water. The filter removes 100% of microplastics and 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easily store in a backpack. The filter has more than 20,000 reviews and a 4.7 star rating. An Enthusiastic Review: "If you are looking for a small, light, compact, and most importantly easy way to filter your water, look no further. [This is] an EXCELLENT unit that won't break the bank."

38. An Ultra-Durable Camping Hammock

This single camping hammock is strong and comfortable. It can support up to 400 pounds and includes durable hammock straps that make set up a lot easier. It’s made of parachute nylon and is triple stitched for extra support. Choose among six colors. An Enthusiastic Review: "This was my first single hammock purchase and it was a great one! I'd recently gone camping and two of my friends had brought their ENO hammocks and let me say, the Honest Outfitters hammock is just as good. It is very sturdy and the straps are fantastic. [...] This is hands down the best hammock at an incredibly low price."

39. These Mini Dip Trays That Clip Onto Car Air Vents

This dip clip makes eating in the car a bit easier. It has a universal mount that clips onto car air vents and securely holds any dipping sauces you may need. Smaller sauces fit in portrait mode, while larger sauces are secured in landscape mode. It even comes with a removable sauce ramekin for any sauce your heart desires. An Enthusiastic Review:"This is the best invention ever! I’m a sauce queen and this allows me to have sauce in my car without wasting it! Who ever invented this knows my love language!"

40. These Door Bumpers That Dampen Noise

If you’re tired of accidentally slamming shut your drawers or doors, these rubber pads can help. They’re called door bumpers and work to dampen the sound of doors or drawers closing. These small, round bumpers are transparent and have an adhesive backing that makes them easy to install. The pack includes 100 bumpers. An Enthusiastic Review: "Works great on cabinets, but the real winner was when I put these on the base of a glass top coffee table! They have enough give and sticky rubber quality that when people bump the glass it no longer slides around. Really like these over anything else I've ever had."

41. This Desk Mount That Holds Your Headphones

This headphone hook ensures you never misplace your headphones. It clamps onto a desk, or any flat surface and can be adjusted to suit the space and create a shelf hook for you to safely store your headphones. A built-in cable hook keeps cords off the floor. An Enthusiastic Review: "This thing is great. I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t think of getting this a LONG time ago but frankly I did not know it existed. Maybe it did not. I am a recording artist with a project studio and I use fairly expensive headphones. In the past they would just flop around on various surfaces and, as such, were not taken very well care of. [...] I recommend this to anyone looking to protect their investment and make them conveniently accessible."

42. A Disposable Puppy Pad Made Of Real Grass

If you’re training a puppy or live in an apartment, this disposable dog pee pad could save you a lot of clean ups. The doggy pad comes in a cardboard box and has fresh, real sod for dogs to use. The dogs learn to go to the bathroom on grass while the pad absorbs any liquids or odors. The grass patch comes in three sizes and is even good for older dogs who may not be able to easily get outside to go to the bathroom. An Enthusiastic Review: "I have two small Chihuahuas, and they both love the Fresh Patch grass.The first time I bought it, they immediately went on it and did their business, without any type of extra training needed. [...] In the middle of Wisconsin winters, when little Chihuahua feet freeze quickly, I can't imagine not using this anymore."

43. These Stylish Glasses That Block Blue Light

These blue-light blocking glasses can help protect your eyes and make them feel less tired after a long day in front of your computer or phone. They filter blue light from screens without obstructing normal viewing. This two-pack comes in multiple colors with thick, stylish frames. They also offer UV400 protection. An Enthusiastic Review: "[...]I have been wearing them a lot and I have less eye irritation and tiredness than usual. The glasses are very fashionable, not too big, and come with a little pouch to protect them when not in use. I recommend these to all screen users!”

44. These Floating Shelves To Declutter Your Home

These wooden floating shelves are easy to install and can be used to declutter your bathroom counter tops or add some pretty decor to your entryway. They have a rustic style with wood bases and industrial metal brackets. This pack comes with three shelves of varying lengths. They’re available in five colors. An Enthusiastic Review: "I really love these shelves. They were an easy and inexpensive way to add some great character."

45. This Clothing Steamer That Heats Up In Minutes

This handheld steamer is perfect for keeping your clothes wrinkle free, no matter where you roam. This steamer will run for 15 continuous minutes and removes wrinkles with ease. It takes about 1-2 minutes to heat up and then it’s ready to release wrinkles in clothing, curtains, and drapes. It has a nine foot cord for ease of movement. An Enthusiastic Review: "I had been looking for a steamer just like this! It has been perfect! Especially for those of us who dislike ironing!"

46. This Flexible Gooseneck Stand For Tablets

Keep your tablet where you need it with this flexible gooseneck stand. It clips onto your countertop, desk, or bedside table and extends nearly 35 inches. It can hold your device in landscape or portrait style and is compatible with iPad minis, pros, and iPad airs, as well as galaxy tabs, Lenovo, and Switch products. An Enthusiastic Review: "Holy cow! This is one of those rare items I’m simply thrilled with! The quality is just spectacular! I know this is a simple item but it is superior to some others I’ve tried recently. Made of metal... that’s right! This is 100% sturdy metal - no plastic. [...] Landscape or portrait - it will easily hold the largest tablets. It has soft rubberized feet for stability and similar cushions to cradle your device for protection against scratches. It even comes with an extra set of these little feet in case they should come off. I’m rarely impressed with internet purchases but this is seriously a quality product!"

47. A Flat Plastic Water Bottle For Easy Storage

This slim, flask-style plastic water bottle is discreet, easy to pack and store, and perfect for hydrating on the go. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and is recyclable, reusable, and dishwasher safe. It’s designed to never leak or shatter. The slip-free silicone grip makes it easy to carry, plus it comes with a lanyard so you can carry it around your neck. An Enthusiastic Review: "I like how this fits perfectly in my backpack purse. I’ll be ordering another for a friend soon."

48. An Adjustable Measuring Spoon With 9 Options

Stop fumbling to find the right measuring spoons and opt for this adjustable measuring spoon. It’s one simple-to-store spoon but has nine different measurements between 1/8 tsp and 1 tablespoon. Just push the grooved thumbprint into place and you’re ready to measure. An Enthusiastic Review: "Very easy to use and keeps my kitchen organized by not needing a bunch of different measuring spoons."

49. This Cat Bed That Hangs From The Window

Your cat will love the view in this space-saving cat bed. The small shelf-like bed attaches to any wall or window using secure suction cups. This bed can hold a cat up to 30 pounds, giving them ample space to sunbathe and people watch. The bed itself is made of Oxford cloth cord, which is breathable and lightweight. It has more than 5,000 reviews and a 4.2-star rating. An Enthusiastic Review: "I got this for my friends for their cat and he loves it! They sent me pictures and said he jumped in as soon as it was up and it’s his favorite spot in the house now!"

50. A Desk Vacuum That Looks Like A Ladybug

This adorable ladybug desk vacuum eliminates crumbs and debris from your desk. It’s small in size, but it quickly removes dust, dirt, or eraser bits. It’s battery powered and fits in the palm of your hand to quickly clean up, plus it's available in four colors. An Enthusiastic Review: ""This little thing is great! It's so handy, convenient, and effective that I think it's actually helping me keep my entire kitchen more tidy. It's been strong enough to pick up all the small debris we've thrown at it so far; including small peanut shell fragments."

51. This Hanging Organizer For Jewelry

Keep your jewelry safe and on display with this three-tier necklace holder. It is designed with three different heights at which you can store necklaces and bracelets to keep them from tangling. The base of the organizer acts as a jewelry tray for rings, earrings, or bracelets. It has a padded base that keeps it in place without damaging your furniture. An Enthusiastic Review: "This was the perfect size for the top of my dresser. I used to keep most necklaces in a dresser drawer, or in small containers and always had to dig for my necklaces to find the right ones. It is so nice to have all my costume jewelry necklaces easily accessible and easy to see and NOT have to untangle things!! Why didn't I do this years ago???!!!! It is nice and sturdy---don't have to worry about it tipping. And the color is perfect!"

52. These Adjustable Cake Shapers For Creative Desserts

You’ll no longer need to invest in separate baking trays designed to bake cakes in different shapes — these adjustable cake shapers give you the freedom to create. The set of four silicone strips are flexible enough to shape them into hearts, specific letters, butterflies, ovals, and other shapes. The nonstick strips easily connect to one another to form different shapes, are heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be washed in the dishwasher. An Enthusiastic Review: “This was extremely easy to use and worked great. Long story short I needed an oval shaped cake and made a Pickle Rick theme cake and it was so helpful. I sprayed it down heavily with Pam to make sure nothing stuck when taking them off and not even a little bit did. Would recommend especially for the price.”

53. A Universal Lid That Fits Most Pots And Pans

How many times have you rummaged through cabinets in search of the exact lid to fit the pan you’re using — only to come up empty-handed? End that frustrating practice with this amazing universal lid that fits any pan that measures between 7 and 12 inches. The glass lid features an 18/8 stainless steel ring that is heat-resistant up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s dishwasher-safe. An Enthusiastic Review: “This is a great replacement lid if you lost or broke a lid or if you purchased a pot/pan that did not come with a lid. The look of the lid is, admittedly, a bit off with those weird ridges at the outer edges of the lid, but this is so that it can fit pots and pains of multiple sizes, so a function over form product, if you will. There is a nozzle for steam to escape, which is standard for most lids. And, so far, the handle is firmly attached to the lid and the handle is not the type that allows water to get trapped in weird areas, so this lid appears to be built to last.”