You Can Get Your Valentine Personalized Macarons From Ladurée

Emma Lord/Bustle

True dessert fans know that the word "macaron" is basically synonymous with Ladurée, the iconic bakery and sweets maker whose timeless macaron recipe hasn't changed since the 19th century. It turns out, though, that Ladurée will make one small change to its signature treat: you can get Ladurée macarons personalized with the names or initials of your choice. Somewhere in the fictional universe where Gossip Girl is in its bajillionth season, Chuck is scrambling for a C+B batch as we speak.

The macarons are extremely delicate, which makes the fact that Ladurée is able to personalize them all the more remarkable — but does, unfortunately, limit the personalized macarons to people who live close to Ladurée's U.S.-based locations, which now include three in New York, two in Washington, D.C., one in Miami Beach, and three in California. (You can check all the current locations on their website here.)

For those who live close enough for local pick-up, you should be able to facilitate a personalized macaron order by calling your local store. Your options include using a couple's name for a Valentine's Day gift, or the person's initials for a Galentine's Day gift, or taking suggestions based on what your local Ladurée is able to create — you can see all of the options at your disposal, including monograms, logos, and other fun ideas, in Ladurée's macaron gifting brochure here.

Emma Lord/Bustle

It's worth noting that Ladurée is able to do this year-round, making it a fun treat idea for wedding favors, birthday parties, or throwing a macaron party for kicks. (I, for one, have done far dorkier things in the name of dessert.)

It's also worth noting that even if you don't live close to a Ladurée, you can definitely still gift your Valentine with macarons. The bakery now ships nationwide, and has plenty of options both for Valentine's Day or for year-round enjoyment. This year Ladurée is celebrating the most romantic day of the year with 12 assorted macarons — including some that are heart-shaped — in a box with an exclusive Ladurée heart design.

If you're celebrating with Galentines this year, though, you may want to go a little bigger than that — luckily, you can also order the ~gourmandise~ box, one of the bakery's year-round offerings that comes with a chef's assortment of 24 macarons.

For more inspo, you should check the nationwide delivery section of Ladurée's website — beyond macarons, it also includes candles, handkerchiefs, a keychain, and all sorts of other gift-y things in the same sophisticated, whimsical style that is Ladurée. If you happen to be close to a Ladurée, though, it's not too late to check reservations for Galentine's Day or Valentine's Day — many of the locations offer extensive menus in the store for breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch, and dinner, in addition to desserts. Basically, there are infinite ways to follow your Ladurée bliss this Valentine's Day, no matter who you're planning on celebrating with — just make sure to get your orders in now to ensure cupid has plenty of time to deliver!