If You're Not Following Peter From 'Deadpool 2' On Twitter, You're Missing Out

by Danielle Burgos
20th Century Fox

Soon after the first official Deadpool 2 trailer dropped, fans found a surprising new favorite character: Peter. Unlike the rest of the mutants and assassins who come to try out for the X-Force, Peter's just a regular guy who shows up because he "saw the ad," and instantly lands a spot on the squad. Fans quickly dug up all the information they could on the upbeat office worker, and soon discovered that Peter from Deadpool 2 has a Twitter account. Of course, it's equal parts adorably normal and weird.

Peter began tweeting on March 24, 2018, apparently for the same reason he tried out for X-Force — following his wife Susan's advice to "shake things up a little". Joining a hit squad seems way more extreme than signing up for social media, but hey, Peter's putting himself out there and that takes just as much guts. He tweets regularly about his beloved bee keeping, the delicious comfort of Sketchers sneakers, and his pop-culture favorites.

There are a few rumors going around that someone else might be behind Peter's account. The frontrunner is comedian Rob Delaney, who looks extraordinarily similar to Peter, if mustache-free and a little slimmer (aka he plays Peter in Deadpool 2). When Bustle reached out to 20th Century Fox for an answer, the studio confirmed that "Peter runs the Peter’s account – he can’t afford a 'social media team' on his part-time member of X-Force salary." So it seems that Peter has been mentioning his wife's all-day gym training sessions are costing a mint, so if anyone knows of any freelance mercenary work, please slide into his DMs @PeterW_1974.

Here's just a small sampling of Peter's daily inspirations and tribulations, along with some of his favorite topics.


His Ongoing War With Swans

The bane of his daily walk, these swans terrorize poor Peter every weekday of his life. Now at least, he can share his story with others and warn people of the evil of swans.


His Love For His Wife Susan

She remains an enigma save for what Peter posts, but we know she makes him delicious packed lunches, goes with him to see The Notebook and Book Club, and has been taking a lot of time to train with her personal gym coach.


Just Saying No

Peter is a straight-and-narrow kind of guy, and won't tolerate any sort of nonsense about cussing or drug use. He's not afraid to speak up about the evils of marijuana and quick to note pictures where it looks like he's "smoking up" are just him "smoking out" his beehives to keep them healthy.


His Irrational Fears

Uhh, Peter — what's up with that last hashtag?


His Concerns About Workflow Issues

Though he signed up on a whim, Peter takes his work very seriously. He may not quite understand how being a superhero works, but darn if he's not going to figure it out.


His Faith In God And NatGeo

A man with a bible by his side and NatGeo saved to his remote's Favorites, Peter trusts both with the wisdom of the ages.


His Bees

Peter and his wife both enjoy beekeeping, aka apiculture, a hobby that's taken off even in less rural areas recently.


He's A Sweetheart

Nothing seems to give Peter more joy than helping others, except for beekeeping.


No, He REALLY Loves Bees

One of Peter's few photos of himself he's posted shows him enjoying his favorite hobby in the gorgeous sunshine, though hopefully he won't lick the hive until those bees are smoked off.


He Follows A Strict Workout Routine

Come rain, shine, or angry birds, Peter's going to get his steps in. It's not quite clear how the Israeli grappling and fighting technique of Krav Maga works online, but Peter's into it!


He's A Team Player

Awww, what a sweetheart. This is a nice sneak peek into Peter's other office life.


He Isn't Afraid To Use That Block Button

Cursing? Sassing? Talking about Wolverine or anything involving DC Comics? Blocked. Mentioning his wife Susan negatively? Double blocked. You've been warned.


He Loves His Fans

Peter seems confused but deeply touched by all the fan adulation suddenly coming his way, sharing drawings and liking comments, but sort of troubled by folks already cosplaying as him.

Whatever his ultimate fate in the X-Force may be, Peter's already done superheroic work sharing his life with fans on Twitter.