Peter Is “Probably” Not The Bachelor Now, So What The Eff Is Going On?

by Lia Beck
ABC/George Burns

If you're a Bachelor fan, you may have noticed over the past week or so that show creator Mike Fleiss has been tweeting about the 2018 season of The Bachelor that, honestly, may or may not even exist at this point. He has been consistently teasing the announcement of the show's lead with frustrating and sometimes cryptic tweets. The latest? On Wednesday, Fleiss tweeted that Peter Kraus will "probably" not be the Bachelor.

This is major news, especially if Fleiss really means that Kraus "probably" won't be the Bachelor and isn't just saying "probably" to torture all of us. His full tweet reads, "Unfortunately, Peter probably will not be #TheBachelor ..."

Reality Steve previously claimed that his sources said Kraus was going to be the Bachelor, which makes Fleiss' tweet even more of a surprise. While Fleiss has been mentioning who isn't going to be the Bachelor all along, the people he'd previously talked about were men who no one really expected to take on the role anyway. Kraus, more than anyone else, seemed like a shoo-in.

Fleiss previously tweeted that "Wells is not #TheBachelor", that "Dean will not be #TheBachelor this year, at least...", and that "#TheBachelor will not be from Jojo's season." It's also not Chris Harrison or Whaboom or Nick Viall. Unless, of course, it does end up being any of these people because at this point this is just a cruel joke.

If the Bachelor really isn't Kraus, Wells Adams, Dean Uglert, or someone from JoJo Fletcher's season, who does that leave us with? Well, there's Eric Bigger, who, like Peter, was from Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season and seemed like a solid choice for Bachelor while the season was airing. There's also the possibility of Ben Zorn from Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette season, who was featured on the current season of Bachelor in Paradise talking endlessly about his dog. He didn't find a connection with someone even though everyone in paradise seemed to think he was a good catch. (Some fans have been commenting on Fleiss' tweets that Zorn would be a solid choice.)

Then, there's the more untraditional idea that is really gaining traction amongst fans: skipping a Bachelor season and instead airing a Bachelorette season starring Kristina Schulman. It might be hard considering casting calls for Bachelor contestants have been going on for quite some time, but if Peter really (well, "probably") isn't the Bachelor, it could be a great option.

There's no real indication of when the Bachelor (or Bachelorette!) will actually be announced, but with Bachelor in Paradise airing its finale next week, there's a good chance it'll be soon.