Why 'Bachelorette' Fans Want Peter's Brother To Be On The Show Next

Hometown dates are finally here, and that means that Hannah B. is meeting the families of her final four men — and so far, a certain sibling is really sticking out. Peter's brother on The Bachelorette is already a fan favorite, and people are swooning over him all over Twitter. Jack may not have gotten much screen time, but it only took the few seconds that he did get for fans to start falling in love.

From Peter's hometown date alone (and everything else he's said this season), it's easy to see that his family is everything to him, and that includes his younger bro. Their relationship seems to be a very close one, and honestly, should anyone be shocked that Peter has an attractive brother? They do share the same good-looking genes, after all. And while there was a lot to love about his date, like the flight he took Hannah on and the way his mom teared up getting to know her when they talked one-on-one, the fans have spoken, and Jack has earned the spot in their hearts as the most memorable part of Hannah meeting Peter's fam.

In fact, there are almost more tweets about Jack than there are Peter, and it seems like many fans wouldn't mind if he showed up on a future season of The Bachelorette himself. Hey, his brother did it, why can't Jack be next?

The general consensus seems to be that Jack is hot, and the thirst is real.

Other tweets speculated that everyone is already sliding into Jack's DMs.

So if Jack is looking for a girlfriend, it seems like there are plenty of ladies out there who are ready to throw their hats in the ring.

Basically, people just want to see more of him — in any and every capacity.

From just a quick look at Jack's Instagram account, it seems like he's a pretty awesome dude — and he's already taking after his brother. Like Peter, he also flies planes, so Jack, too, can take you on the hometown flying date of your dreams.

It also seems like he's just as close with his family as Peter is, and that he loves traveling and hanging out with his friends. He did seem to have a girlfriend last year, but he hasn't posted any photos with her recently. Could he be single and looking? If so, a spot on The Bachelorette could definitely help him land the right person now that he's officially been introduced to the world — or at least to ABC viewers.

If Peter doesn't end up being Hannah's final pick at the end of all of this and heads to Bachelor in Paradise this summer, perhaps he'll feel like packing a stowaway in his suitcase and bringing his brother along for the ride. More of Jack would definitely be good news for fans — but for now, we can all just follow him on Instagram.