Peter's Final Line On 'The Bachelorette' Will Break Your Heart


Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette has its fair share of mounting tensions and upsetting breakups, but the one that just went down between Rachel and Peter in the 13th season finale was especially crushing to witness. Their differing opinions on the importance of a marriage proposal ultimately led to the couple's demise, even though they both clearly wanted to be together (they were literally making out during their breakup). And at the end of the night, Peter's final line on The Bachelorette was so heartbreaking, it has the entire internet reeling.

For the past few episodes, it's been clear that as much as Peter loved and cared for Rachel, he wasn't enamored with the idea of getting down on one knee at the end of the show, even though he wanted to have some kind of a future with her. A couple of months was just too short a timeline for him. But Rachel wasn't satisfied — she wanted Peter to want to propose to her, and not just because she was pressuring him to do it. The conflict ended with Rachel leaving in tears, and Peter muttering alone to himself, "What's wrong with me?"

Twitter, naturally, did not take these emotions very well.

Most of Twitter had sympathy for Peter in that moment. After all, not wanting to propose to someone eight weeks after you've met them for the first time is a completely reasonable feeling to have in any situation other than The Bachelorette, right? (And it also doesn't help that Peter is just so dreamy, of course).

But others were less willing to put up with Peter's emotions, because my dude. Do you know what show you're on? Getting engaged is literally the entire point.

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans, cheer up. At least this means that Peter is single and ready to be consoled by all of us — and that you're probably more likely to meet him at the Farmer's Market in his Wisconsin hometown than you are on another reality show like The Bachelor.