Here Are Some Cute AF Pics Of Dean & His Dog — You're Welcome 'Bach' Fans

Josh Vertucci/ABC

To say that Dean loves dogs is an adorable understatement. Aside from trying to win over Rachel on The Bachelorette, there's another important woman in Bachelorette contestant Dean's life: his dog Nala — the star of his Instagram and also his heart. So, he mat not have won love on The Bachelorette, but he already has the best kind of love a person can have: your dog's.

Dean was disappointed after he didn't make it to Rachel's final three on the show. However, it's clear he still treasures his experience on The Bachelorette. In an interview with People, Dean said, “I think that Rachel pushed me to open up a lot more than anyone else has done before." Dean may have been sent home after the hometown visits, but he was going home to Nala, which is definitely a plus.

Any dog lover will agree that dogs make the best companions after a breakup, and Nala is no exception. She seems to be there for all of Dean's big moments whether it's watching The Bachelorette for moral support, being his travel buddy, or just being her usual cute self.

Of course, Nala is really the star of this relationship and based on Dean's pictures of her, she makes it really easy to love her. Aside from being Dean's "little nugget," here are a few more fun details about this cute pup:

Nala Is Dean's TV Buddy

It may seem overwhelming to watch oneself on television, but Nala is the best support system a guy can have. In the caption for this post, Dean wrote, "Tonight I'll be saddled up next to this (not so) little nugget watching #thebachelorette on @abcnetwork - should be quite an interesting night."

For all those awkward moments on The Bachelorette, Nala was there for Dean, most likely giving the best snuggles to take the stress away.

Dean Calls Nala His "Queen"

In this post for National Dog Day, she appears to be sitting on her throne, posing for her loyal subjects. Of course, according to Dean's caption, "Every day is #nationaldogday — yet another excuse to throw up a pic of this queen."

Nala Is The Reason For National Puppy Day

If Nala is a queen for National Dog Day, then she started out as a little princess for National Puppy Day. Dean uploaded this adorable video of baby Nala. Based on this video, it's clear that cuteness is something Nala was born with.

Nala Takes Flawless Pictures

Another day, another flawless photo for Nala. This post marks Dean and Nala's three year anniversary together. Aww.

Nala's A Pool Pup

They don't call it the dog days of summer for nothing.

Nala Is Dean's "Nugget"

As Dean's favorite "nugget," Nala is obviously the star of this picture. Perhaps the Denver Nuggets could use an adorable mascot with a slew of social media fans?

Dean Can't Stop Taking Pictures Of Nala

What pet parent hasn't given into the urge to take pictures of their furbaby while asleep?

Nala Gets Into the Holiday Spirit

In 2013 Dean decided to celebrate the fun of Easter by posting Nala in her bunny ears. Nala is posing like the good sport that she is, but even her face seems to be saying, "Dad, are you really going to post this on Instagram?"

Dean And Nala Are Vacation Buddies

Dean and Rachel may have traveled to Geneva to get to know each other better, but it looks like Nala is Dean's ultimate travel buddy.

Nala Appreciates The View

While Dean is becoming recognizable because of his time on The Bachelorette, Nala seems to be taking it all in stride — or maybe she's just used to the attention? In this post, captioned as Nala surveying her "queendom," Nala is gazing into the distance, possibly wondering what her life will be like post-The Bachelorette.

Dean may not have found love during his time on The Bachelorette, but fans can rest easy knowing that Dean and his best girl Nala make a really great team.