Photos Of Heather Morris' Kids Will Have You Rooting For The 'Dancing With The Stars' Mom & Her Family

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There are truly a lot of great competitors to root for this season on Dancing With the Stars. Season 24 really stepped up the game when it came to the "stars" part. Of course, there can only be one team to bring home that mirror ball trophy and my money is currently on Glee star Heather Morris and her pro partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy. Not only does Heather Morris have professional dancing experience, but the actor also has a beautiful family supporting her the whole way. One look at photos of Heather Morris' kids and you will fall in love with this little family.

Heather actually ended up marrying and starting her beautiful little family with a guy that she went to high school with in Arizona. It is not quite a "high school sweetheart" story, because she and her husband Taylor Hubbell didn't actually know each other in high school. But The Daily Mail reported that they connected on MySpace after graduating and the rest is history. She is clearly a very devoted and loving mother and her two boys, 3-year-old Elijah and 1-year-old Owen are just adorable.

Take a look for yourself and join the Hubbell family fan club with me.

1. Picnic Date

Peanut butter and jelly never looked so adorable.

2. Birthday Boy

Stop it with that button up. So chic.

3. Deep Thoughts

Sometimes little toy cars make you think about a lot of things.

4. Cake Wars

This cake is kind of amazing. Also, little man is his mom's clone.

5. Hanging With Dad

Heather's family is too cute for words. Elijah and Owen are always dressed like little, hip dudes and I love it.

6. Eat Like No One Is Watching

There is nothing cuter than a baby wearing spaghetti.

7. Matchy Matchy

Spitting image of mom.

8. Harvest Cuteness

Babies and pumpkins. You can't go wrong.

9. Cool Dude

You aren't cool until you pick your nose in public.

10. Brand New

This photo gives me all the feels. So precious.

11. Real Life


Are you swooning over this beautiful little family yet? Get ready to root for this momma on Season 24 of Dancing With the Stars starting Monday.