15 Pics Of Jade & Tanner’s Baby That ‘BiP’ Fans Will Be Obsessed With

by Marenah Dobin
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The first Bachelor in Paradise baby is here. That's right: Jade and Tanner Tolbert are new parents to baby Emerson Avery Tolbert. And there are already so many photos of Jade and Tanner's baby that fans need to see. She's not even a month old, yet little Emmy is already a big deal on social media. In addition to her parents' Instagram accounts, she even has a page of her own.

Apparently, Emerson was ready to be seen by the world, because she arrived a month before her due date. Her parents announced her birth in a statement issued to E! News on August 17:

She's here, our little sweetheart! Tanner and I are very proud to announce the arrival of our baby girl this Thursday morning. There's truly no words to describe the feeling holding you in our arms for the first time and looking into your eyes. We love you, precious girl.

Fans should definitely check out Emmy's photos to see what she has been up to so far. Spoiler alert: It's a lot for one month. Emmy is already getting in on the sponsored Instagram posts, doing photo shoots, hanging out with her parents (of course), getting to know the family dogs, and even outdoing most adults in the fashion department.

1. Meeting Her Parents

Emmy made her Instagram debut on both of her parents' Instagram accounts. In addition to the photo Tanner shared above, Jade shared a photo with her and Tanner staring at Emmy with big smiles on their faces. Jade wrote, "Precious little girl, there are no words to describe the feeling of holding you in our arms for this first time and looking into your beautiful eyes. We love you so much." Aaaawww.

2. Preparing For The Eclipse

This pic of Emmy wearing some safety goggles while at the hospital,also made for a good solar eclipse joke. Even at a young age, she is providing her followers with plenty of laughs.

3. Waving To The Camera

She's already a natural in front of the camera. Maybe The Bachelorette Season 38 is in her future.

4. Waking Up Her Dad

No one likes getting woken up, but if it's going to happen anyway, this is a pretty cute way for it to go down.

5. Laying On A Giant Teddy Bear

This stuffed animal is so much bigger than Emmy. Just too much cuteness to fit in one photo.

6. Sporting An Unfortunate Hairstyle

Hopefully, Jade does Emmy's hair from here on out. Tanner's styling didn't produce the best look.

7. Napping With Her Dogs

It looks like Emmy and her dogs did not leave a lot of room for Jade and Tanner in their own bed, but this cute photo was definitely worth the loss of space.

8. Channeling Ashley Iaconetti

Emmy rivals Ashley Iaconetti for the best cry in this post from her father.

9. Posing For A Close Up

In the first post on her own account since she was born (there were plenty of pregnancy pics before that), Emmy slept peacefully in the hospital nursery with the photo caption, "Hello world."

10. Breast Feeding

This photo of Jade feeding Emmy was posted on both of their accounts. On Emmy's post the caption just says, "Breakfast time," but Jade shared a very heartfelt message with hers. She even said, "nothing has ever felt more right and more natural than taking care of my little girl."

11. Getting Kisses From Dad

Emmy is already so loved.

12. Rocking The Leopard Print

Emmy served as style inspiration for babies everywhere when she wore this leopard and pink blanket.

13. Being A Social Media Influencer

Emmy is already killing it with the sponsored Instagram posts.

14. Hanging With Dad

Emmy and Tanner served up the love in this sweet photo.

15. Laying On A Personalized Blanket

Not only is Emmy napping on a pink blanket that says "Emerson" all over it, but she is also rocking a big bow headband while being surrounded by tree branches and flowers. She is already a pro when it comes to providing Instagram content.

Even as an infant Emmy is killing the Instagram game and is trailblazing a path for all of the Bachelor in Paradise babies of the future.