It Was A 'Big Little Lies' Reunion At A Keith Urban Concert This Weekend

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The cast of HBO hit Big Little Lies has such intense on-screen chemistry that it's difficult to imagine any of them going anywhere without each other IRL. That's why as soon as the internet saw photos of Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon attending a Keith Urban concert on August 25, it instantly felt like a reunion of some sort. It was just missing actors Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley to really make it something, though Woodley doesn't get out as often as her costars.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Urban was performing in Nashville as part of his "Graffiti U" tour when he decided to surprise the crowd with a few special guest stars. Urban reportedly brought up two fans on stage to hang out with himself and Kidman — the two married in 2006 — and asked if the country music fans were also fans of Big Little Lies. According to ET, one of the women announced "I'm a huge fan of Big Little Lies!" and a Monterey moment for the ages was born.

"Well, you should meet someone else from Big Little Lies," replied Urban, "If we're going to be in Nashville, we should at least meet some Nashvillians!" That, of course, meant Reese Witherspoon, who had been watching the show from backstage. Just friends supporting their friends' husbands' work!

The lucky fans chosen for the backstage meet-and-greet posted Instagrams with Kidman, Witherspoon, and Urban. Neither one of them could believe what was happening, which was adorable — and understandable. After all, how many times have you attended a beloved musician's concert, only to be brought up on stage and then whisked away for a photo opportunity with two Oscar-winning actors? What's more, Urban also surprised the crowd with singer Carrie Underwood, with whom he recorded a duet. So, obviously, if you're going to see a Keith Urban concert, Nashville's the place to do it.

"Best. Moment. Ever," wrote one fan on Instagram under a picture of herself with the group. And that's probably not an exaggeration, either. How can any moment top taking a selfie with Reese Witherspoon holding your phone? Another person took photos from the crowd, joking that the moment was the only thing that could convince them to whip out a cell phone:

"Fail! Wasn't going to take any video or photos, but when #nicolekidman & #reesewitherspoon join #keithurban on stage cant resist!! #graffitiuworldtour#biglittlelies"

To be fair, if you're going to break a self-imposed no-phones policy, that seems like an acceptable reason for it.

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Only one thing could have improved this already dazzling moment, and that is the presence of Laura Dern. However, assembling a powerful trio like theirs without first warning society may be enough to tear the fabric of the known universe. So, perhaps Witherspoon attending the Urban concert sans Dern, Woodley, or even — gaspSeason 2 Big Little Lies star Meryl Streep is for the best after all. People can only handle so much, and this year's Virgo season is proving intense already. One has to wonder if each of them has a favorite Keith Urban song.