You Won't Be Able To Stop Smiling At These Photos Of Stassi & Beau From ‘Pump Rules’

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Vanderpump Rules is home to a lot of big personalities, perhaps the most famous of which belongs to Stassi Schroeder. After tons of tumultuous romances, she seems to have found someone who makes her happier than ever. And Stassi's new boyfriend Beau Clark's Instagram shows just how over the moon she is.

In November, Stassi told Entertainment Tonight that she's totally smitten, and that Beau might even be "the one." "He’s my best friend,” she said. "I would legit die if something happened to him." The outlet also confirmed that Beau will be appearing on Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules, so fans of the show should get ready to familiarize themselves with this new suitor.

At first, Beau wasn't totally convinced he wanted to be on the show, but luckily, he was swayed into becoming an honorary cast member. "When we first started dating and, like, I had to have that awkward conversation. He's like, 'Yeah, no.' He's like, 'I'm not doing a reality show.' He's like, 'No, I have a normal career,'" she continued. “I tricked him. And now, he loves it, and he's best friends with all my best friends, and it's not even that they're my best friends now, they're our best friends."

And so, in the name of welcoming him to Vanderpump, let's take a look at some of the adorable photos the happy couple have shared.

They Travel Together

In this recent shot, Stassi and Beau take on Berlin together, doing some sight-seeing throughout Museum Island.

They Love The Same Teams

Apparently the two of them aren't afraid of hosting a Los Angeles Rams watch party — their team was victorious against the San Francisco 49ers just one day before this photo was posted, so it was probably a happy occasion for everyone involved.

They Halloween Together

Stassi was apparently an ice queen — respect — and we’re not quite sure what Beau is going for in this photo, but it’s definitely fun.

They Celebrate Pride

This photo, tagged as taken at Sur, shows the two happily decked out for Los Angeles Pride.

They Sport Matching Black Ensembles

Stassi and Beau loos devastatingly unbothered in this photo, and a couple in matching color schemes and sunglasses is an A+ any day of the week.

They (Almost) Always Get Along

What couple doesn’t casually flip one another the bird from time to time?

He Makes Her Laugh

The two appear to be in an international train station of some kind, but she’s much more focused on him than she is on wherever they’re headed.

He’ll Sacrifice Sports For The Red Carpet

Stassi said Beau left the Rams game halfway through in order to be her arm candy for this event, which is really all you can ask for in a boyfriend.

He’s Gone On Trips With The Sur Crew

It has to be intimidating waltzing into a group of friends with so much history like the ones on Vanderpump Rules, but according to Stassi, Beau even hit the road with the crew for a trip, and managed to "SURvive."

They Hit The Arcade Together

The looks of determination on the faces of this couple! Everyone wants to be part of a relationship in which two people can ruthlessly kick each other’s butts at video games without being too much of a sore loser.

Basically, They’re Just Super Cute

Both Beau’s and Stassi’s Instagram feeds are completely full of adorable moments they’ve shared all over the world. They look like they have fun with each other, and are totally in love.

Reality stars’ romances are often ill-fated, but hopefully, this one breaks the mold. Stassi and Beau seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company no matter what they’re doing, and as he makes his way to the front of Vanderpump’s cameras, fans will be eager to see if they're actually the real deal.