Photos Of The 2017 Kitten Bowl Cats Will Make Your Day Paw-sitively Fur-tastic

We all know the Super Bowl is just around the corner, along with its famous commercials. But, if you don't care about sports or ads, you have options, like Animal Planet's 2017 Puppy Bowl and Hallmark's 2017 Kitten Bowl. Dog person, cat person, sports fan, there's something for everyone who needs an escape from this crazy world. And, if you need help tuning out the world before tuning into the Kitten Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5, I've got you covered. Get ready for Hallmark's Kitten Bowl with photos of the cats, I mean, cat-letes.

While the Kitten Bowl exists to promote pet adoption and provide Super Bowl Sunday family programming, this year it can also serve as an escape from television news and updates about the crazy world that we are currently living in. If these cat pics aren't enough to do the trick, the Kitten Bowl's website takes things a step further also provides a KittenCam, featuring adorable kitties that are ready for adoption at North Shore Animal League America. So, you can watch some smol baes play if you're feeling down about the news.

Without further ado, here are 14 adorable cats from the 2017 Kitten Bowl lineup — for the full 2017 roster, visit Hallmark's Kitten Bowl website.



Playing for the Last Hope Lions, Catsanova gives it her (his?) all as scratch guard.

2Julius Peppers


"I'm part of the meow generation." — Julius Peppers



Forget tackling, Mitzi enjoys nose tickling.

4Pounce De Leon


The league's number one lintbacker.

5Tom Bratty Cat


Boomer's Bobcats' star Quartercat ...



El Fluffo.

8DeMarco Furry


DeMarco's favorite show? Hiss is Us.

9Spuds MacMuffin


"Always think outside the litterbox." — Spuds MacMuffin

10Paw-Dell Beckham Jr.


He plays the stalk market.

11Mew Brees


Who Cat?

12Sir Prance-A-Lot


Also knows as Iron Paw.



Jalapeño plays fluff back for the North Shore Bengals.

14Furry Bradshaw


Furry studied hisstory at Hississippi State.

Catch all these cats and more Feb. 5 on Hallmark channel.