Can You Adopt The 2017 Kitten Bowl Cats? Here Are Some Purr-Fect Picks For You


Football may be airing its biggest sports event of the year this Sunday with the New England Patriots facing off against the Atlanta Falcons in the 51st annual NFL Superbowl. But I'm looking forward to a cuter event. Yes, the annual Kitten Bowl is once again airing on the Hallmark Channel, and, even if you're not into felines, you have to admit that it feels like we need a dose of cuddly and cute more than ever. Of course, all I want to know is if you can actually adopt kittens from the Kitten Bowl.

That's the whole point of the program, after all. Much like the Puppy Bowl, the event seeks to raise adoption awareness of these adorable pets and talk about the safe organizations that fostered the kittens participating. Like every year, the Kitten Bowl is hosted by Julia Stern: Howard Stern's wife, animal activist, and spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America. So, if you're interested in adopting? You can visit the North Shore Animal League's website and find a cat that's the right fit for you. It's overwhelming, we know — so many adorable players! To help you decide, I've put together a list of the cutest, most "purr-fect" kittens you could potentially adopt this year from all four teams that are playing in the league. Let's meet our teammates, shall we?

Tony Slo-Mo

This Quartercat looks fierce, so I'm totally putting money on him in "touchdown pawses" based on his nickname.


Looks like the Last Hope Lions team have a lot of fire under their belt. But this "Wild Thing" looks like he could be a really cuddly addition to your football watching.

Bobcat Gurley

This Running Cat looks too cute to have the nickname "Clumsy," which is why I adore him. And why I think he'd have a perfect home with the right person.


When he's not pouncing or dreaming of sitting on the "Supreme Cat", he's probably reading. The most quintessential football player, but in cat form!

Hissing Bolt

This champion sprinter ALSO makes an excellent fish taco. I'm totally sold.

DeMarco Purry

Don't you want to adopt a cat who will cry with you and cuddle you during This Is Us? Look at that face!


This member of the Home & Family Felines team fits right in with the current political climate (he supports the ACA!) So he definitely would be a good fit for someone looking for a good cuddle.

Spuds MacMuffin

Spuds' favorite actress is "Jennifer Clawrence," so I think he's got pretty good taste.

Paw-Dell Beckham Jr.

He's not named "Sir Sushi" for nothing. And he's ready to be part of a family.


Playing for the North Shore Bengals, we've got Twinkle...who thinks Mickey Mouse is overrated. I'd beg to differ, but look at that face!

T. Wrecks

He loves chasing his own tale, he's confident, and he's got a nickname of "The Beast." Who wouldn't want this adorable kitten in their home?


Her favorite actress is "Cat Blanchett" and she loves tuna casserole (or so she says.) My kind of cat. Maybe yours, too?

Don't miss all the wonderful kittens playing in the Kitten Bowl, airing Sunday Feb. 5 at 12 p.m. ET.