16 Photos Of The Trump Siblings Over The Years That Show They Really Stick Together

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The Trump siblings may have access to the Oval Office now, but snapshots from before they were grown-up make it seem like they were just like anyone else with awkward stages and funny ski outfits. Photos of the Trump siblings through the years give a little bit of insight into the more "normal" side of an anything-but-normal family. And if one thing's for sure, it's that the brothers and sisters have stuck together.

The five Trump siblings include Eric, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Tiffany, and Barron. Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr. all share a mother (Ivana), Tiffany's mother is Marla Maples, and Barron is the youngest, having been born in 2006 to parents Melania and Donald Trump. Ivanka serves as an advisor to Trump, along with her husband, Jared Kushner.

It's not totally clear how close all of the Trump siblings are (Tiffany and Ivanka in particular have a relationship that has been described as complicated on more than one occasion). But regardless of what you think of the Trump siblings, one thing is certain: there is no shortage of excellent throwback pictures of them available on the internet.

Here are 11 photos that show the changes the Trump siblings have undergone through the years.

Ivanka & Don Jr. As Kids

The Trump siblings tend to make a habit of calling out each other's birthdays on social media. For this special occasion, Donald Jr. was celebrating sis Ivanka's birthday in 2012.

Bowl Cuts Galore

Donald Jr. posted this photo of him and his two siblings to Instagram, writing, "Happy #nationalsiblingdayeveryone. I couldn’t be more blessed to have @ivankatrump and @erictrump as my siblings along with @tiffanytrump and Barron. The looks have changed a bit but the fun together will always be the same. #brothers#sisters#siblings."

Ivanka & Eric, BFFs For Life

Eric posted this photo of him and Ivanka to Instagram, in what appear to be sort-of matching outfits. He wrote, "@ivankatrump#throwback#1987 😝"

Eric & Ivanka Showing Some 'Apprentice' Love

Eric posted this backstage photo of him and Ivanka, writing, "Helping @ivankatrump get ready backstage before the #celebrityapprenticefinale. The countdown is on!"

Ivanka, Barron & Melania Sharing A Moment
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Though Ivanka and Melania have spoken very little about one another since Trump took office, Melania did make a point to clarify how she viewed her role in the Trump family, to Harper's Bazaar in 2016: as a mother to Barron, but not the other Trump kids.

She said, "They are grown-up. I don't see myself as their mother. I am their friend, and I'm here when they need me." Given that Barron, 12, and Ivanka, 34, have a bigger age gap than Ivanka and Melania, 48, do, then this definitely makes sense.

The Three Trump Men
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This photo of Trump and his two sons Don Jr. and Eric from The Apprentice era is a real throwback. It almost appears as if the brothers' ties are matching, or at least complementary.

In a tweet, Trump has described his two sons as "great kids". He has also described Don Jr. as a "great person who loves our country!"

Ivanka & Eric Supporting Their Father Together

Ivanka posted via Instagram, "Happy birthday to my amazing brother Eric! I love you very much and hope that this year will be your best turn around the sun yet! ☀️ 🎂"

Ivanka, Tiffany, & Barron At The Inauguration
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Ivanka has defended her younger half-brother, Barron, to critics in the past. To People, she said, “I think talking about an 11-year-old’s T-shirt, or pants, or attire … he’s a young boy trying his best to acclimate in a surreal environment."

She added, “Barron should be off limits.”

Ivanka & Don Jr. At The Inauguration
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In her 2009 book, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life, Ivanka wrote, "Don, Eric and I are always sizing up our 'competition' on the other side of the table to determine which one of us might be best suited to a particular negotiation," she wrote. And in terms of negotiations, she explained, "My brother Don is always reminding me that you don't get what you don't ask for."

Ivanka's Family, Plus Half-Sis Tiffany
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In The Trump Card, Ivanka touched on an issue with her half-sister, Tiffany, who wanted an allowance as a child. She wrote,

Big Sis did an end-around to save Tiffany the trouble. I didn’t tell her, of course, but I went to our father and suggested he think about surprising Tiffany with a credit card for Christmas, with a small monthly allowance on it. Sure enough, he did just that. Tiffany was thrilled and relieved. And so appreciative. That made all the difference, we all appreciate what we have. We don't take advantage of it or expect it as our due.
Even Tiffany & Ivanka Use Instagram Filters

Ivanka said to People that her sister's college graduation and subsequent move to New York was "wonderful."

She added, "She’ll come with [me and Jared to our country house] on weekends sometimes, and she’s always with my kids. She’s a really good person.”

Tiffany, Barron & Their Dad

At the Republican National Convention, Tiffany said in a speech that her father had taught her the "Trump Formula." She said, "My father is good with advice as you might guess, but he keeps it short and the take away is usually the same. To help us find our own way and our own gifts. If you do what you love, hold nothing back, and never let fear of failure get in the way, then you've pretty much figured out the Trump formula."

In this photo posted by Tiffany onto her Instagram, she writes, "Happy Birthday Dad! @realdonaldtrump I love you so much ❣️🎈❣️"

Tiffany & Donald
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In a conversation with Sean Hannity the night before her father was elected president, Tiffany said of her and her siblings' struggles, "It's hard but we know who our father is and I think no tabloid can spread anything that will make us doubt that. We know the truth."

Don Jr. & Eric Pondering The Unknown
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Though it's not clear just how close the two Trump brothers are, they've been seen together on several trips, and both work in the family business. A Politico report revealed that there were two specific Trump business trips for Don Jr. and Eric that ended up costing Secret Service upwards of $250,000.

In addition to their business trips, both of the Trump brothers are known to be big game hunters, as well.

Tiffany & Barron Sharing A Hug
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Even though they're often seen standing next to one another in photos, it might surprise some people to know that Tiffany and Melania have almost never spoken publicly about one another, and the same goes for Tiffany and her half-brother, Barron.

However, both Barron and Tiffany shared one major thing in common that their other siblings don't have: they're both still students. Barron is currently attending a private school in Maryland, and Tiffany is enrolled at Georgetown Law School.

A Multi-Generational Trump Photo
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Tiffany has several step-siblings, and she's also the aunt to all of Trump's grandkids. This includes Ivanka's children: Arabella, Theodore, and Joseph. Tiffany has never talked about being an aunt, but Ivanka did mention (as revealed above) that Tiffany is great with her kids.

The Trump siblings may have experienced their fair share of controversy, but they've proven they'll always be there for one another, through thick and thin.