15 Photos Of Marla Maples & Tiffany That Show They've Always Been Super Close

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These days it can be difficult to keep your name out of the news if you're a Trump. Yet photos of Tiffany Trump and mom Marla Maples show the two have always enjoyed life outside the chaos that often surrounds the Trump family.

According to W magazine, Tiffany, in contrast with many of the president's other children, "has continued to live life like she's just any other daughter from the second marriage of any other billionaire real estate developer in town" despite the series of controversies that have engulfed her father's presidency. That is to say, she remains largely unaffected by what her father does in Washington, D.C.

But perhaps Tiffany's ability to distance herself from the Trump White House (she's opted for law school instead of a job within the Trump administration, like big sister Ivanka, or the family business, like brothers Don Jr. and Eric) stems from the physical distance put between her and the rest of the Trump clan during her childhood? Unlike her older half-siblings, who, according to Vanity Fair grew up only an elevator ride away from their father in Trump Tower, Tiffany was raised by Maples in California.

"Raising Tiffany in California, I think, was important," Maples said during a December appearance on the TODAY show. "I wanted to sort of get away from the spotlight a bit and have the chance to have real good mommy-daughter time where she could discover really who she is."

Indeed, a look through photos of Tiffany and Maples reveals the two are fond of spending "mommy-daughter time" together:

Baby Tiff

Maples marked her daughter's 25th birthday on social media by sharing a photo of her holding a pint-sized Tiffany years ago. "You are a blessed gift to this world and my life my girl," Maples wrote to her daughter on Instagram.

The Younger Years

Maples and then-husband Donald fawn over a toddler-age Tiffany in a series of pictures shared by the youngest first daughter on Instagram.

Take Your Daughter To Work

On Instagram, Maples shared photos of Tiffany visiting her at work while she filmed scenes for The Nanny in 1998. "How much do I love this girl and the times she would patiently join me on set," she wrote. "Long, wonderful days on set & such a gift to always have Tiffs (sic) support."

Dancing Queens

Tiffany celebrated her mom's stint on Dancing With The Stars in 2016 by sharing a collection of photos of the two dancing and goofing off together through the years.

Two's Company

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Growing up, Tiffany was often able to accompany her mother to events and kid-friendly soirees where they would be photographed together.

Shop Till You Drop

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At least one of their mother-daughter days out involved a little shopping. The duo were nearly swept away during one such outing in London in 2009.

Hues Of Blue

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The pair donned complimentary hues of blue when they attended Global Green USA's 6th Annual Pre-Oscar Party at the Avalon Club in Los Angeles, California, in 2009.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Photos of Tiffany and Maples both wearing black skinny jeans, black tank tops, and aviator shades while out and about in New York in August 2014 show the mother-daughter duo may share a similar taste in fashion.

Famous Friends

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Of course, when you're celebrities, it's no surprise that you have celebrity friends. The mother daughter duo one posed with actor and director Sylvester Stallone while out on the town.

A Feast Fit For Two

In 2014, Tiffany marked the Thanksgiving holiday on Instagram by sharing a photo of her and her mother sitting down to a feast in Beverly Hills, California.

Fun & Games

But Tiffany and Maples' relationship appears to revolve around more than just red carpet events, fashion, and food. On Instagram, Tiffany shared a photo of her and her mom enjoying some time out on the golf course and ... wearing the same pants?

A Family Dinner Out

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The mother-daughter duo were spotted catching up over a meal at Quaglino's restaurant in London in July 2018.

Even Celebrities Love Photo Filters

In December, Maples shared a photo of her and Tiffany enjoying Christmas at home together in New York, telling her Instagram followers she loved "these apps that let you feel pretty enough to post when you haven't got out of your pjs all day and have no desire to wear makeup." The former actress also said she was grateful for a few days of "beautiful mom and daughter time."

Front Row For Fashion Week

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Tiffany sat between her mother, on the right, and boyfriend Michael Boulos, on the left, in the front row of a show during New York Fashion Week in February.

A Family Affair

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At fashion shows, Tiffany and Maples have rubbed elbows with former Fox News host — and half-brother Donald Trump Jr.'s current flame — Kimberly Guilfoyle.

While Tiffany may have grown up nearly an entire continent away from her father and siblings in New York, it appears she had — and continues to have — plenty of fun times with mom, Maples.