Photos Of Trump & Bush Sr. As Grandpas Shows They Had More In Common Than You'd Think

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At 72 years of age, and with five children of his own, it's not altogether surprising that President Donald Trump has more than a handful of grandchildren. But while Trump's nine grandchildren vastly outnumber those of his most recent predecessors, they fall just short of former President George H.W. Bush's 14 grandkids. Photos of Trump and Bush Sr. with their grandkids show the presidency can sometimes be a kid-friendly zone.

At the moment, President Trump has nine grandkids. There's 11-year-old Kai, 9-year-old Donald III, 7-year-old Tristan, 5-year-old Spencer, and 4-year-old Chloe, all born to Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. They're joined by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's children, 7-year-old Arabella, 5-year-old Joseph, and 2-year-old Theodore, as well as Lara and Eric Trump's 1-year-old son Luke.

While Trump has enough grandkids to staff his own baseball team, Bush Sr. had enough to staff his own soccer team and then some. According to Town and Country magazine, the late president had 14 grandchildren. They include Barbara and Jenna, former President George W. Bush's fraternal twins, as well as Jeb Bush's three children, John Ellis, Noelle, and George Prescott. They're joined by Neill Bush's three children, Lauren, Pierce, and Ashley, as well as Marshall Lloyd and Charles Walker, the two children Marvin Bush adopted. The gang is rounded out by Dorothy Bush's four children, Sam, Nancy Ellis, Robert, and Georgia Grace.

But Trump and Bush's families aren't the largest number of grandchildren to be born to a president, sitting or otherwise. While there's no definitive database regarding presidential grandchildren, an analysis of what available data does exist by FiveThirtyEight found that former President William Henry Harrison had 25 grandchildren. Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt is also believed to have had a bevy of grandchildren. According to information provided by the Elenor Roosevelt Papers Project, Roosevelt had at least 21 grandchildren by blood with another four adopted grandchildren.

Still, photos of Trump and Bush Sr. with their grandkids show how presidents work young kids into life at the White House:

Trump's Grandkids Love "Rolling Around With Him On Golf Carts"

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In 2016, Ivanka Trump told Yahoo! Parenting that her kids loved palling around with her father on weekends in the summer. "They spend a lot of time rolling around with him on golf carts," she said of their summer visits at his New Jersey golf club. "They adore him."

Bush Couldn't Be Prouder Of His Grandkids

George H.W. Bush once tweeted that he "couldn't be happier" seeing the ways that each of his grandchildren have found to help others. Talk about a proud granddad.

Trump Made His Inauguration Day A Family Affair

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Trump's grandkids walked beside their parents — and behind the president and First Lady Melania Trump — during Trump's inauguration day parade in January 2017.

For Bush It was Kids & Grandkids & Great Grandkids, Oh My!

In June, Laura Bush posted a photo of Bush Sr. posing with two of his granddaughters — Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager — as well as two of his great grandchildren.

Trump's Grandkids Are Sometimes Spotted At The White House

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It's not uncommon to spot Trump's grandkids visiting him at the White House.

Bush Cherished His In-Law Grandkids, Too

In 2017, Bush Sr. acknowledged his birthday by tipping his hat to a granddaughter-in-law who helped him read birthday email greetings while on a boat.

Trump Keeps An Eye On His Grandkids

Donald Trump Jr. shared a picture on Instagram of President Trump keeping a special eye on his son, Spencer, during a White House event.

For Bush, Holidays Were Always About Family

In a photo shared by the George H.W. Bush Library, the former president can be seen greeting Santa Claus with granddaughter Lauren Bush in 1990.

Trump's Granddaughter Went With Him To Vote

According to Ivanka Trump, granddaughter Arabella accompanied her grandfather to the voting booth on Election Day in 2016. "In the car on the way to cast our vote for Grandpa!" Ivanka wrote in an Instagram post featuring a picture of Arabella and Trump.

One Of Bush's Most Rewarding Titles? Granddad

In 1997, four years after Bush's presidential tenure had ended, he said he considered his three most rewarding titles to be husband, father, and granddad, according to the Bush Library.

Trump's Grandkids Have Performed For Foreign Leaders

In 2017, Trump played a video of his granddaughter, Arabella, singing a traditional Chinese song in Mandarin for Chinese President Xi Jinping during a state dinner hosted at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

For Bush, Three Was Hardly A Crowd

In a photo shared by the Bush Library, the former president can be seen welcoming not one, but six grandchildren into bed.