Photos Of Women's March Crowds Are Stunning

by Courteney Larocca
Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

By now, you're probably well aware that thousands of people across the globe are protesting the presidency of Donald Trump. While Washington D.C. was decidedly pretty empty for Inauguration Day on Friday (that is, it was compared to inaugurations in the past), the city is now crowded with Americans who are standing up for people's basic human rights. But if you couldn't make it to D.C. for the protest, you'll be glad to know that tons of people did, and there are many incredible photos of the Women's March crowds to prove it.

Personally, I'm pretty bummed that I couldn't be in the capital city to protest with my fellow women. But, looking at the photos of the Women's March are giving me the hope I thought I lost since Trump was elected. People are taking a stand, and the crowds are proving that we won't give up our rights without a fight. Initially, 200,000 people were expected to show up to march in D.C. By Saturday afternoon, the number of people participating was estimated at 500,000. Not to state the obvious or anything but, uh, that's huge.

If you're hurting over Trump's presidency, take a look at the crowds that formed for the Women's March. There are good people still in the world, and they're all gathered in unison to take a stand, because as Hillary Clinton taught us, we are indeed stronger together. These photos of crowds at the Women's March prove we won't let injustices go quietly.


Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Are In D.C.

How many people were at the Women's March? Oh, just hundreds of thousands. NBD.


It Isn't A Protest Without Signs

That one sign may say "SAD!" but the turnout for the Women's March is definitely something to be happy about.


Those Pink Hats Though

This is what solidarity looks like.



This is a sight to be proud of.


You Can't Ignore These Crowds

If you're in D.C. and not attending the Women's March, are you really in D.C.?


These People Aren't Even At The March Yet

Crowds on crowds on crowds.


Seriously, These Crowds Are Stunning

The huge amounts of people who showed up in D.C. are staggering.


It's Not Just In D.C.

You know this is a big deal when other countries are joining us.


You Get A Pink Hat! And You Get A Pink Hat!

This crowd looks so united.


Here's A Bird's Eye View

No seriously. Look at that crowd.


Now That's A Statement

If this doesn't show how women feel about Trump's presidency, then I don't know what does.