Photos & Video From The Little Rock Shooting Show The Panic At The Scene

by Lani Seelinger
Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Yet again, the country woke up to the news on Saturday morning of a shooting. This time it took place in Little Rock, Arkansas, at a nightclub called Power Ultra Lounge. A video and several photos from the Little Rock shooting has surfaced, and it's horrifying. While the Little Rock Police Department believes that none of the shooting victims will die from their wounds, it's still a terrifying scene.

The latest report from ABC News says that 25 people were shot at the nightclub, and another three were injured in the chaos that ensued. The police does not believe that the shooting was connected to terrorism, instead saying that it resulted from a dispute at the club. The video footage from the shooting shows that the shots came in quick succession during a rap performance at the club. Altogether, the video shows 24 shots in an 11-second period.

The shooting occurred around 2:30 a.m., and the Little Rock Police were on the scene immediately. They released an update on their Twitter feed soon after their arrival, saying that the incident was not terrorism-related. The first estimates said that there were 17 shooting victims, but later reports are now confirming that the number is actually 25.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has released a statement on the shooting, expressing his solidarity with the shooting victims and their families and thanking the first responders for their work.

"Little Rock's crime problem appears to be intensifying. Every few days it seems a high profile shooting dominates the news, culminating with this morning's event," said Gov. Hutchinson in his statement. "I have spoken this morning with Mayor Stodola and I have offered both my heart felt concern over this senseless violent tragedy and state assets as needed to address the continued threat of violence in our community."

The photos coming out from where the shooting happened show a largely deserted downtown area, cordoned off by police tape. The nightclub is right in the center of Little Rock, less than a mile from the state capitol building.

The artist performing when the shooting took place was Finese2Tymes, an artist hailing from Memphis and the night's headliner. The club was very full at that point, and the youngest victim reported so far is 16 years old. This has been a difficult week for Little Rock, as the city has now seen numerous drive-by shootings in addition to this shooting. So far, no suspects have been arrested in the case, but the police are still continuing their investigation.