You’ll Want Disney+ To Take ALL Your Money After Watching This Puppy Doc Trailer

Disney+'s 'Pick Of The Litter' trailer is a bundle of cuteness.

With so many new streaming services coming out, it can be difficult to decide which ones (if any) to get. Luckily, Disney+'s Pick of the Litter trailer makes that decision relatively easy. Because when you have the opportunity to watch a docu-series about puppies training to be Guide Dogs, how can you possibly say no? The trailer alone is a bundle of cuteness that'll leave you squealing with delight from beginning to end. So if you've been reluctant to sign up for a Disney+ membership, this series just provided you with six adorable reasons to join.

The six-episode series, which is slated to hit the streaming platform on Dec. 20, centers around the stories of six dogs — Paco, Pacino, Tulane, Raffi, Amara, and Tartan — and their human companions as they embark on the journey of becoming Guide Dogs for the Blind. And while the endeavor can be very rewarding, it also comes with its fair share of challenges for both the canines and their trainers. Not every pup is able to pursue such a rigorous and demanding career, but that won't stop these good girls and boys from trying their hardest to succeed during their 20 months of training and making sure their talents are up to snuff.

Mary Celenza, Josh Braun, and Dan Braun serve as executive producers on the series alongside Dana Nachman and Don Hardy — both of whom directed the 2018 documentary of the same name.

"It's really hard to become a guide dog. It takes a very special confident dog to be able to do this job," a voiceover is heard saying in the trailer. And while some of the pups will have what it takes to continue on long after the training is over, others will see their journey as guide dogs come to an end. "Everything about them looks perfect for the job, but then you actually ask them to do it and it's too much pressure," one of the handlers admits in the trailer. "And then you start seeing behaviors that you never saw while raising them."

Clearly there's a lot more that goes into this whole process than some may have realized. (Though how any work gets done at all while being surrounded by such precious pups is astounding.) But regardless of whether or not the dogs make it to the end of their training, they are all equally deserving of love and praise for their efforts. If that heartfelt sentiment and fluff content isn't enough to sway you to join Disney+, then nothing will. Come for the classics, stay for the furry friends.